Sunday, July 20, 2008

Palestinian Protester Shot at Point Blank

Apparently, this Palestinian protester was detained and hand bound. Then he was taken to the side of the army jeep and shot by a rubber-coated bullet at point blank range.

The footage stops after the shot because the 14-year old girl who was filming dropped the camera out of shock.

Another crime caught on camera thanks to the Israeli human rights group, B'Tselem. They have attempted to shed light on the Israeli abuses that are taking place by providing Palestinians with cameras.

This has shown to be very useful tactic as they have been successful in documenting some recent abuses.

Sailing to Gaza

On August 5, 2008 a group of Internationals will attempt to set sail to Gaza with much needed humanitarian supplies and break the illegitimate siege. The group of 60 consists of Holocaust and Nakba survivors.
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"Legally, the group says there should be no problem passing each of these lines since Israel disengaged from the Gaza strip in 2005 and should no longer its control airspace and territorial waters.

The initiative hopes to draw attention to the continued de facto occupation of Gaza.

The trip organizers think one of four things will happen to the ship: it may be stopped as it crosses or approaches the barrier marking the international waters boundary, in which case the crew is prepared to stay on board for at least two weeks in protest of the illegal halt of passage. The second possibility envisioned by the organizers is that the ship will be allowed to pass into the area, and will be stopped in the territorial waters. In this eventuality the crew expects to be arrested, and the ship dragged to shore.

A third possibility is that the ship will be sunk by the navy.

The final option is that the ship actually makes it through to the Gaza port near Gaza City in the north of the Strip.

According to Holocaust survivor and crew member Hedy Epstein, in the event that they can get through to Gaza they will "open the port, fish with the fishermen, help in the clinics, and work in the schools."

What Epstein hopes to do on this journey is to "remind the world that we will not stand by and watch 1.5 million people suffer death by starvation and disease."