Monday, October 15, 2007

UN Expert Rails at Quartet Policies

good article from BBC, just wait for John Dugard to be labeled as an "anti-semite"..

John Dugard speaks slowly and carefully. He rarely hesitates. But from his measured voice comes a reputation for being outspoken.

Earlier this year, in his role as special rapporteur to the UN Human Rights Council for the Palestinian Territories, the South African law professor wrote a report for the UN General Assembly in which he compared Israel's actions to those of apartheid South Africa.

Indeed, the word "apartheid" appears 24 times in the 24-page report.

But in his interview with the BBC, Mr Dugard goes further than before.

He has been trenchant in his belief in the past seven years that he has held the UN post that Israel is collectively punishing the Palestinians.

Now, though, he has the international community, and the UN itself, in his sights for complicity.

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Anonymous said...

Breaking news: Nobody cares what he thinks- or that you plagarize your posts verbatim from others.

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Israel sucks..

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lol. you anti-semite.