Monday, January 21, 2008

Collective Punishment


Anonymous said...

Keep shooting missiles at Israeli civilians, whichis collective punishment, and your terrorists and those next to them will keep getting massacred.

Either the Paleos will stop trying to murder Israelis or they themselves will die.

It's up to them.

Anonymous said...

You always post pretty much the same thing. At least think of something to say and not give us the one bit of brain power that you were able to muster up when thinking bout this for 12 hours. This has nothing to do with the rockets. This is just Israeli brutality. The rockets have killed 10 Israelis since 2005, while more than 700 Palestinians have died in Israeli raids over the same period. Don't lie to everyone and pretend that suddenly this is something that you care about and that's why Gaza has been sealed off. Gaza was sealed because Israeli nazis are trying to start a Holocaust of their own against the Palestinian people.

Anonymous said...

This has to do with the missiles and Arab terrorism. You probably haven't noticed but every time you choose war, it gets worse for YOU- not for Israel.

This will never change. Terror will get them nothing but their own death and suffering.

If the Paleos are too stupid to realize that, then that's their problem.