Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Revealed: the US plan to start a Palestinian civil war

not surprising..

Dahlan goes on the record about these events for the first time, saying that despite pleas from Fatah that they were unprepared for elections, Bush pushed ahead. "Everyone was against the elections," Dahlan is quoted as saying. "Everyone except Bush. Bush decided, "I need an election. I want elections in the Palestinian Authority."

Following Hamas's victory, "everyone blamed everyone else," the report quotes an official with the Department of Defense as saying. "We sat there in the Pentagon and said, "Who the f*** recommended this?"


Anonymous said...

The US doesn't need plans for that:

You can always rely on the Arab terrorists themselves to do it. If they don't have Israelis around to try and murder, then they murder each other.

In the end, NONE of the Arab terrorists wil remain.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this can help:
A one month cease fire initiative.
This seems to be a creative idea from both sides of the conflict where citizens can take action.

Anonymous said...

Not one second. Either the Arab terrorists will lay down their arms unconditionally, or they will die.

All a ceasefire will do is give them the opportunityto re-arm and dig in.