Thursday, June 12, 2008

'Jewish settler attack' on film

Masked settlers beat Palestinians as they herd their sheep. The footage was taken by B'tselem. No arrests were made.

This is a daily experience for Palestinians, unfortunately the cameras arent always rolling.

Reminds me alot of the KKK attacks on African Americans in this country during the Civil Rights movement.


Anonymous said...

1) There's no proof that they're "settlers". Everyone knows how Arabs stage exactly this type of thing.

2) Sure- shepherds always carry cameras while herding their flocks.

3) Next time, stay away from where you don't belong.

Anonymous said...

Ive spent a lot of time in the West Bank Jewish settlements - and the men in the film certainly dont look like them! I beleive it was staged by the palestinians! And why is the film so wobbly? Seems a bit suspicious to me!!!

Anonymous said...

just the fact that you are tryin to come up with excuses to justify this sick act shows how sick you people are

Nomad said...

1) oh those anonymous pranksters who have nothing to say but filthy lies. How perverted must they be to clearly see an elderly woman getting clubbed almost to death by some cowards, and then declare it was staged. Lowlife scum without any sense of decency thats who these anonyms are. I wonder how can one tell if a masked is a zionist pig or not. Do they wear special marks on their foreheads?
2)The cameras were provided by Bet'selem after learning of continuous assaults in the area on Palestinians by zionist colonist. We will see how the most "democratic" regime in ME will punish them.

Anonymous said...