Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Know You are a Zionist Fascist When...


Julia said...

Wow, you posted the video I sent you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It must suck to lose all the time. No wonder you're so bitter.

Maybe you should stop with the violence and then you'll do better.

Julia said...

Here's another good one:

Anonymous said...

LOL! You love an unemployed/unemployable nothing who failed as an academic.

I saw him shining shoes in the subway the other day.

Anonymous said...

haha that's all you can say.

the truth. said...

hitler was a cruel man due to the fact that he killed ELEVEN MILLION PEOPLE.
secondly, who said jews werent in that land for thousands of years?
they also worked hard for their land and got a little peace.
did you not know that the land the jews were living which was split up was given to palestinians with them evacuated?
howveer when it came to israel the palestiinains were NOT forcefully removed.

thirdly, no they do not believe in killing and viloence for any kind of power-- WE DONT BOMB FAMILIES.

and self dteremined people... BY TERRORISM?

also, all the other things you say in this video or have posted are totally hypocritical.

please get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Hitler made a mistake like what Mao zedong did with the KMT 'not cruel enough'. That's why there is the Taiwanese problem today.

If Hitler did the extreme and extine the jews there won't be any problem today. Be like Qin shihuang kill and kill and leave no descendents and this is how he China.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm not a regular here but I did make the video that has been posted.

To respond to the comments:

1) Yes, Hitler killed 11 million people. I'm not sure how that changes anything. 6 million, 11 million...both in the millions.
2)Jews owned about 7% of the land prior to 1948, the rest was seized by force. Even what land they gained before whether as indigenous Jews or recent immigrants came with increased Zionist legal precedents like the Balfour declaration. That is an inherent threat to communities that had already settled in Palestine.
3) The land "given" to Israelis was seized. They split it 55-45 when Jews owned only 7. That means ethnic cleansing would be inevitable.
4) The Palestinians evacuated because Jewish gangs were busy massacring their neighbors. Look up Deir Yassin. People fleeing their homes as war refugees are hardly leaving by choice.
5) Israel bombs indiscriminately. In fact even after the so-called Gaza pullout they slaughtered a family on the beach in Gaza. And today they blew up a college.
6) They are not self-determined by terrorism, they are self-determined by cultural bonds as well as the common plight of being under an occupation. The same story as every country that has ever been ruled by a foreign military occupation (ie Algeria, Zimbabwe, India, the USA, the Philipines, etc etc)