Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ad in Haaretz

Day & Night in the Holy Land

During the day,
Olmert embraces
Mahmoud Abbas
And speaks about
Permanent peace
And a rosy future
For the Palestinians.

During the night,
Children are being killed,
Land is being stolen,
Destruction is being wrought.

During the day - deception.
During the night - reality.

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Anonymous said...

Israel has a rosy future, inshallah. "Palestine" has no past, present OR future.

And nobody cares what's in Ha'aretz. Come next elections, Olmert will no longer be PM.

Affad Shaikh said... in which all people live together and all refugees of all faiths are accepted and there is no division of races and ethnicities all under one nation? Is that what you meant anonymous?

Anonymous said...

One where we won't be your DHIMMIS and we won't allow you to do in OUR land what YOU DO IN YOUR OWN LAND.

That's what I mean, cousin.