Saturday, August 25, 2007

Maria's Fight

Just collateral damage to the apartheid state..

Maria was paralysed from the neck down by an Israeli rocket attack in May 2006.

The missile was aimed at a leader of the armed Islamic Jihad movement, who was killed outright.

So were Maria's mother, her grandmother and seven-year-old brother, who were driving past at the time. Maria was blown through the car window, suffering severe injuries.

Israeli law denies compensation to victims of what it calls its "acts of war", but Maria's story was taken up by local as well as foreign press.

Under pressure, Israel's Defence Ministry has been paying for her rehabilitation treatment at the specialist hospital in Jerusalem.

But now it wants to deport Maria to a Palestinian clinic in the West Bank.

"Israel's air strike killed my son and my wife. All I ask is that they look after my daughter"
-Hamdi Amin, Maria's father

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Anonymous said...

She is a victim of her parents' aggression and pathalogical need to try and murder.

German children also suffered because of their parents.

Anonymous said...

She was a victim of careless israeli aggression which is highly inaccurate even with the "smart" bombs.

Anonymous said...

She was a victim of Arab aggression.

German children suffered similarly.