Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ad in Haaretz

Day & Night in the Holy Land

During the day,
Olmert embraces
Mahmoud Abbas
And speaks about
Permanent peace
And a rosy future
For the Palestinians.

During the night,
Children are being killed,
Land is being stolen,
Destruction is being wrought.

During the day - deception.
During the night - reality.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Three Children Murdered in Gaza

Some news not "worthy" enough for the mainstream media...

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) strongly condemns the killing earlier today of three Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip when an Israeli tank opened fire on the Jabaliya refugee camp which is located in the north of Gaza. According to media reports, two children, 10 and 12 years-old, were killed immediately. Their cousin, a 12 year-old girl, was pronounced dead after efforts to save her life failed. This brings the number of Palestinian children killed during this week, as a result of Israeli military operations, to nine.

ADC strongly condemns the killing of innocent civilians and is saddened at the tragic loss of children. The Gaza Strip, being one of the most densely populated places on earth with almost half of the population under the age of 15, has often seen indiscriminant killing of civilians and children in particular. More than 1.4 million people live in the 140 square miles (360 square kilometers) which is the Gaza Strip. According to the UN Development Programme (UNDP), 84.6% of Gaza's residents live below the poverty line (US $ 2/day).

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Controversial" professor's class canceled

Criticize the polices of the apartheid state and you can lose your job, but Norman Finkelstein isn't going down without a fight.

"I intend to go to my office on the first day of classes and, if my way is barred, to engage in civil disobedience," Finkelstein said. "If arrested, I'll go on a hunger strike. If released, I'll do it all over again. I'll fast in jail for as long as it takes."

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Illegal Settlers: We killed Jesus & we are proud of it!

Young illegal settlers tresspass onto Palestinian land and begin to curse an International volunteer(im assuming he is Christian) as he films them.

Warning: Derogatory language is used in the clip

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Maria's Fight

Just collateral damage to the apartheid state..

Maria was paralysed from the neck down by an Israeli rocket attack in May 2006.

The missile was aimed at a leader of the armed Islamic Jihad movement, who was killed outright.

So were Maria's mother, her grandmother and seven-year-old brother, who were driving past at the time. Maria was blown through the car window, suffering severe injuries.

Israeli law denies compensation to victims of what it calls its "acts of war", but Maria's story was taken up by local as well as foreign press.

Under pressure, Israel's Defence Ministry has been paying for her rehabilitation treatment at the specialist hospital in Jerusalem.

But now it wants to deport Maria to a Palestinian clinic in the West Bank.

"Israel's air strike killed my son and my wife. All I ask is that they look after my daughter"
-Hamdi Amin, Maria's father

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amir Abdel Malik Ali at UC Santa Cruz

This is part 1 out of 5

Ad in Haaretz

Barak's Shameful Policy

In an army action
This week,
Two boys,
Aged 9 and 11,
Were shot dead.

The Minister of Defense,
Ehud Barak,
Leader of the Labor Party,
Did not even apologize
Or express regret.

Silence is admission:
This is now the policy.

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Dimona Reactor Animation

A look into the apartheid state's Nuclear reactor in Dimona.

Take note that not even UN inspectors are allowed to verify their arsenal. It is believed that they have approximately 400 nuclear warheads, but we may never know.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Israel" Bans School Supplies to Gaza

Children are not even safe from the siege, as now they are prohibited from even receiving the needed materials to obtain a descent education. It is well known that the children of Gaza are barely surviving daily on tea and bread.

Gaza, Aug 21 (Prensa Latina) The Israeli government forbade the entrance of paper for making text books to children from Gaza Strip, denounced Palestinian-Israeli Information-Investigation Center (CIIPI).

A released issued by the institution revealed that Palestinian children will attend the classrooms in September without their pens, pencils, books and more if the military command withholds the entry of five supply trucks to the region.

The Israeli Defense Ministry is considering if the load is part of the humanitarian aid material that should enter Gaza Strip, blockaded since June 14 when it was taken by the Islamic Resistance Movement.

The schools of the region are funded by the UN Agency of Palestinian Refugees, revealed the note.

CIIPI has always defended education as a way to achieve peace between Israeli and Palestinians but maintains that there cannot be education without supplies, stated the release.
The plaintiffs asked for the intervention of the Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Education Minister Tuli Tamir and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Mighty IDF

Ramallah, 19-08-07: Footage captured by an independent American filmmaker on Wednesday 15 August, showing Israeli soldiers beating, spitting on and throwing stones at three Palestinian children offers yet further proof that Israel's 543 permanent and 610 'flying' checkpoints "are sites of systematic torture and human rights violations against Palestinian civilians", said veteran human rights activist, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi MP at a press conference held in Ramallah today.

The footage was captured at the Ras at-Tira checkpoint in the Qalqiliya District, and shows the three children attempting to cross the checkpoint in a horse cart when they are stopped by two Israeli soldiers. The female soldier is clearly shown beating the boys before spitting on them and sending them back the way they came. Her male colleague is then seen picking up stones from the ground and throwing them at the children as they drive away.

Dr. Barghouthi said the beatings were reminiscent of the physical assault of 18-year old university student Mohammad Jabali by Israeli soldiers near the notorious Huwwara checkpoint in Nablus on 18 March 2007. Four Israeli soldiers punched and kicked Jabali in the face, head and genitals, causing bleeding and a blood clot in his right testicle. Jabali was forced to undergo surgery and to have part of the testicle removed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Evangelical pastor told to leave "Israel"

A must read for all those Christian Zionist Evangelicals out there...

An American evangelical pastor and his wife who have been living in "Israel" for nearly two decades have been ordered to leave the country within two weeks, after their request for permanent residency was turned down, officials said on Thursday.

Ron Cantrell, 59, and his wife Carol, 54, have run a small Jerusalem-based ministry, Shalom Shalom Jerusalem, for the past four years. Cantrell previously worked for Bridges for Peace, an evangelical organization, for 14 years.

Two of the couple's children have married "Israelis" and have "Israeli" ID cards.

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Ad in Haaretz

Gush Shalom Ad on IDF Murder of Boy

The boy Khalil Sha'er
Was waiting for a bus
Near Tekoa,
When he was seized
And beaten to death
By five soldiers.

Almost every day
In the West Bank and Gaza
The army kills
Children, women
And other unarmed people.
A matter of routine.

While Olmert babbles
About peace,
The occupation is getting
More and more
Deadly, destructive
And rapacious.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Received A Death Threat From "Israel"

Kawther Salam

Whatever the criminal Israeli sender wanted to tell me with his message, he will not scare me or stop my words. This kind of threat will never stop me from exposing the daily crimes, destruction, murders, terror, IDF "activities" in Palestinian towns and cities.

Loudly I say that freedom of speech is privileged under international laws, that the Israeli intelligence or Mossad or whatever will not scare me. I am not scared from Israel, I am not scared from that state of executioners. The former Israeli Knesset member and former deputy defense minister and one of Israels top executioners, Efraim Sneh, said in his response to criticism from the extreme rightist parties of Israel, Shas, Mifdal and Moledet "We are doing and implementing the execution and the punishment against the Palestinians in silence and in a very quite way, we don't need to declare openly and before the public what we are doing".
Israel does not need to send messages threatening to kill me. Israel has committed war crimes, genocide, daily murders, destruction of infrastructure and of private and public property, of agricultural land, of water sources, and collective punishment in my homeland. Threatening me will not increase or decrease the daily crimes of Israel against Palestinian civilians, journalists and peace activists. I have seen and lived with their crimes all my life. Do they think that they can scare me with yet another threat ?
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Gaza: The Auschwitz of our Time

Largest detention camp in the World

In 1940, several months after invading Poland in September 1939, the Nazis forced about 500,000 Jews into the Warsaw Ghetto, surrounding it with a high wall. Tens of thousands died from hunger and disease. Eventually, 300,000 were sent to death camps, mainly Treblinka in eastern Poland.

Similarly, Israel is now incarcerating nearly a million and a half helpless Palestinians in the Gaza Strip into a hell similar in nature to the Warsaw Ghetto. The Gaza concentration camp is not only fitted with a wall, but also with every conceivable tool of repression, such as electric fences and watch towers manned by Gestapo-like trigger-happy Jewish soldiers who shoot first and ask questions later.

Moreover, thousands of Israeli soldiers, are surrounding Gaza in a hermetic manner, shooting and killing any Palestinian trying to escape, e.g. enter Israel to search for work or even food.

Palestinian kids survive on bread and tea

Even Palestinian kids playing soccer near the hateful fences, are routinely riddled with bullets or reduced into pieces of human flesh by the "most moral army in the world."

As a result of these genocidal designs, Gazans in the thousands are dying of malnutrition and illness resulting from anemia. Moreover, Children in great numbers are surviving on a meager and totally inadequate diet consisting mainly of bread and tea.

This week, this writer contacted several Gaza families and asked to speak with the kids. The answers I received were truly horrifying. I did speak with 10 kids and was shocked to find out that aseven of the kids told me their diet during the previous week consisted mainly of bread and tea in addition to some tomatoes.

The grown-ups, especially the parents, wouldn't reveal the extent of the unfolding tragedy they are facing. They would only say a terse "al hamdulillah" (thank God). But the tone of their voices tells us that they are in real distress.

The Gaza Strip into the largest detention camp in the World

The harsh blockade of Gaza didn't start in mid June when Hamas took over the small seaside region after defeating and ousting the American-backed Fatah forces led by Muhammed Dahlan and cohorts who had been planning, with American dollars and arms, to murder the Hamas leadership in order to receive a certificate of good conduct from the Bush Administration and Israel.

In fact, Gaza has been effectively under siege since 2000 when the second Palestinian intifada or uprising broke out. Since, then Gazans have been barred from exporting their products and produces.

Moreover, Israel, which has been telling the world that it had ended its occupation of Gaza, still retains full control of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, thus reducing the Gaza Strip into the largest detention camp in the world.

To make a long story short, Gazans are being pushed into a situation very similar to that which prevailed at the Ghetto Warsaw. They are not allowed to work (unemployment in Gaza stands at more than 70%), they are not allowed to travel abroad, they are not allowed to enter Israel for work, they are not allowed even to go fishing offshore since Israeli gunboats would open fire at any fishing-boat daring to go more than a mile off the shore.

The criminal and draconian measures are meant to further impoverish Gazans to the extent that they won't be able to purchase food.

The declared Israeli goal behind starving and tormenting the people of Gaza is to force them to revolt against the democratically-elected government, led by the Hamas movement, and settle for a quisling-like government that would sell-out Palestinian national rights, including the paramount right of return for Palestinian refugees uprooted from their homes and villages by Jewish gangs in 1948, when Israel was created.

It is believed that up to two thirds of the inhabitants of Gaza are refugees. Hence, the intensive repression and coercion being meted out to these people in order to force them to give up their right to return to their homes and villages in what is now Israel.

It is crystal clear that Israel is steadily but certainly effecting a Nazi-like approach toward the people of the Gaza Strip.

The PR-conscious Israeli government, however, is hoping that the world will not take proactive measures to expose the creeping genocide in Gaza . This is why Israel is allowing limited shipments of food products , such as flour and cooking oil, into Gaza , to avoid a possible international outcry.

However, the supplies are conspicuously meager and don't meet the basic nutritional needs of the vast bulk of Gaza children.

Unfortunately, the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) seems to be conniving and colluding with Israel to keep the unfolding Gaza tragedy as silent as possible.

UNRWA officials do make idle statements from time to time, warning of an impending "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza. However, the UN agency often refrains from "saying it as it is," probably for fear of upsetting the Israelis and the Americans, who apparently don't like to hear words like "starvation, and concentration camps" with regard to the situation in Gaza find their way to the international media.

Israel is undoubtedly the central culprit in this man-made tragedy in Gaza, since it is up to her to allow Gazans to obtain food and export their products and especially their produces to the West Bank. Such a step, which would cost Israel nothing, would help Gazans obtain some meager income to feed their children.

However, Israel, as always, has apparently chosen to be faithful to long traditions of callousness and moral depravity, not unlike the way the Nazis treated their victims.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Highway Apartheid

By Steven Erlanger

Israel is constructing a road through the West Bank, east of Jerusalem, that will allow both Israelis and Palestinians to travel along it — separately.

There are two pairs of lanes, one for each tribe, separated by a tall wall of concrete patterned to look like Jerusalem stones, an effort at beautification indicating that the road is meant to be permanent. The Israeli side has various exits; the Palestinian side has few.

The point of the road, according to those who planned it under former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, is to permit Israel to build more settlements around East Jerusalem, cutting the city off from the West Bank, but allowing Palestinians to travel unimpeded north and south through Israeli-held land.

“The Americans demanded from Sharon contiguity for a Palestinian state,” said Shaul Arieli, a reserve colonel in the army who participated in the 2000 Camp David negotiations and specializes in maps. “This road was Sharon’s answer, to build a road for Palestinians between Ramallah and Bethlehem but not to Jerusalem. This was how to connect the West Bank while keeping Jerusalem united and not giving Palestinians any blanket permission to enter East Jerusalem.”

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Israel's" Jewish problem in Tehran


Iran is the new Nazi Germany and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the new Hitler. Or so Israeli officials have been declaring for months as they and their American allies try to persuade the doubters in Washington that an attack on Tehran is essential. And if the latest media reports are to be trusted, it looks like they may again be winning the battle for hearts and minds: US Vice President Dick Cheney is said to be diverting the White House back on track to launch a military strike

There is an interesting problem with selling the "Iran as Nazi Germany" line. If Ahmadinejad really is Hitler, ready to commit genocide against Israel's Jews as soon as he can get his hands on a nuclear weapon, why are some 25,000 Jews living peacefully in Iran and more than reluctant to leave despite repeated enticements from Israel and American Jews?

As Ciamak Moresadegh, an Iranian Jewish leader, observed: "If you think Judaism and Zionism are one, it is like thinking Islam and the Taliban are the same, and they are not."

In "Operation Susannah" of 1954, for example, Israel recklessly recruited a group of Egyptian Jews to stage a series of explosions in Egypt in a bid to discourage Britain from withdrawing from the Suez Canal zone. When the plot came to light, it naturally cast a shadow of disloyalty over Egypt's wider Jewish community. Following Israel's invasion and occupation of Sinai two years later, the government of Gamal Abdel Nasser expelled some 25,000 Egyptian Jews and, after others were imprisoned on suspicion of spying, the rest soon left.

Even more notoriously, Israel went to greater lengths to ensure the exit of the Arab world's largest Jewish population, in Iraq. In 1950 a series of bombs targeted on Jews in Baghdad forced a rapid exodus of some 130,000 Iraqi Jews to Israel, convinced that Arab extremists were behind the attacks. Only later did it emerge that the bombs had been planted by members of the Zionist underground, supported by the Israeli government.

More important than the welfare of Iranian Jewish families, it seems, is the value of Iranian Jews as a propaganda tool in Israel's battle to persuade the world that coexistence with the Muslim world is impossible. For those who want to engineer a clash of civilizations, the 3,000-year-old Jewish legacy in Iran is not something to be treasured, only another obstacle to war.

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Haaretz: Colored Tags for Arabs' Luggage at Ben Gurion Airport Discontinued

Can you say APARTHEID!

By Zohar Blumenkrantz and Yoav Stern

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz announced on Tuesday that Ben Gurion International Airport security would no longer mark the luggage belonging to non-Jews with colored tags, in order to spare these passengers embarrassment.

Instead, Mofaz explained, the luggage of non-Jewish passengers will be stamped with the same color sticker as the Jewish passengers, only with a different number. In the past, the color of the sticker on the passenger's luggage would indicate to airport security personnel the level of security check they must administer.

This practice mainly affected Arab passengers.

The security checks at Ben Gurion have been denounced by many in the Arab sector as degrading. "We're talking about frequent degradation of Arab passengers, which causes great anger and frustration," MK Nadia Hilou (Labor) said in January, adding, "I won't leave this subject alone until it has been resolved."

Though the colored stickers have been discontinued since the beginning of August, the luggage belonging to Arab passengers still undergoes a more thorough security check than that of Jews. The Arabs' luggage is sent to an X-ray scanner with higher resolution.

Time: A Sort of Peace in Gaza

By Andrew Lee Butters / Gaza City

On Patrol in Shijaiyah, the toughest neighborhood in Gaza City, Lieut. Naim Ashraf Mushtaha, 31, an officer of the Hamas Executive Force, spots a man in civilian clothes carrying an M-16 assault rifle and walking through the street suqs in broad daylight. His officers quickly encircle the suspect and demand that he identify himself and turn over the weapon. The man turns out to be a member of one of the neighborhood's most powerful clans, and he refuses to give up his gun. "What's my name, boys?" he shouts to the gathering crowd of curious onlookers. "Mohassi Abbas!" they shout back. "See, everyone knows who I am," says the gunman. "I don't care who you are," says Mushtaha calmly, without raising his voice or his weapon. "No one is above the law."

The rule of law has returned to Gaza. Just two months ago, this beachfront slice of sand dunes and concrete jungles, home to about 1.5 million Palestinians, was one of the most dangerous places on earth. In June, after a few days of internecine warfare, Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, took control of Gaza from its rival, Fatah. Since then, Gaza has been under siege. Almost all shipments except for basic humanitarian supplies are barred from entering, and almost nothing comes out. The blockade is part of an Israeli and American strategy to isolate Hamas in the hope that Palestinians will turn away from its Islamist leaders, who have never recognized Israel, and toward Fatah, which is willing to restart the peace process. So far, the plan isn't working. With a free hand to govern as it pleases, Hamas is building popular support and military capability that may well outlast the international blockade.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Paying the Costs of Zionism

The war in Iraq is costing the United States more per month than the Vietnam war cost per month on average over its eight-year term. In real dollars, adjusted for inflation. In a country that has recently deindustrialized itself, and has gone from being the world’s biggest creditor nation to being the world’s biggest debtor nation.

In a country that borrows money to pay for consumer goods and not for productive equipment that might pay the costs of borrowing. Trillion-dollar bill (on the rosiest assumptions). Mostly to pay the operating costs of the war (wait for when the Pentagon demands that all its worn-out equipment be replaced).

A war that increases the costs of fighting Bibi Netanyahu’s 'war on terror’. The generals can’t say when it will be over, and no prominent politician of either party is prepared to even discuss a meaningful withdrawal. It is bad manners to officially admit that fighting a war for Israel might be dumb, especially a war that is destabilizing the world’s largest source of hydrocarbons.

Both likely Presidential candidates are gung-ho for years more of fighting. The big secret about the strange American devotion to paying the costs of Zionism is that the United States simply can’t afford it. Nixon had to end gold backing for the dollar in order to keep the United States from becoming insolvent over the costs of Vietnam. President Giuliani won’t have anywhere near the same bargaining position when he has to try the same sort of trick. Of course, the right-wingers will use the economic crisis as yet another excuse for belt-tightening, i. e., cutting social programs. What happens when there are no programs left to cut?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nazi justice system prevails in "Israel"

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem

The Israeli "justice" system continued to pardon or give extremely light sentences to Israeli occupation soldiers convicted of murdering Palestinian civilians or causing them grave bodily injuries.

Earlier this week, an Israeli military court in Tel Aviv released four soldiers who a few days earlier seriously injured a Palestinian citizens from the town of Dahiriya, 19 kilometers south west of Hebron.

The Palestinian received multiple gunshot wounds in the neck as he was walking in the town's main market.

According to Israeli press sources, the soldiers stole a taxi cab at gunpoint, blindfolded the driver before driving to the village center in order to "hunt some Palestinians."

At one point, the soldiers shot and critically wounded the local Palestinian, leaving him bleed heavily, according to Palestinian sources.

The judge, an extreme right-winger, reportedly exonerated the soldiers, arguing that they didn't know that what they were doing was "illegal."

The Israeli army described the soldiers' murderous behavior as "resulting from excessive motivation."

On Thursday, an Israeli army court in Jaffa decided to release the soldier who shot the Palestinian to what was described as "open remand" on his base.

Other soldiers involved in the "incident" had already been released for absence of any incriminating evidence.

According to the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, the soldiers earlier claimed that one of them had sprained his ankle during a "morning patrol" in the Palestinian town.

The soldiers went on to claim that after they had tied up the driver and taken control of his taxi, another Palestinian approached the car and that the soldiers were in and that he was acting suspiciously, thus shooting him in the neck and injuring him seriously.

Israeli army sources later admitted that the soldiers' account of the entire affair was concocted and that none of them had sprained an ankle.

Two weeks ago, another Israeli soldier who murdered a Palestinian in the West Bank was also acquitted of any wrongdoing by a military court.

In 2004, an Israeli occupation soldier who murdered a 13-year-old Palestinian school girl in Rafah at the southern edge of the Gaza Strip, and confirmed the kill in IOF lingo, was acquitted of any wrong doing.

Far from being indicted for murder, the soldier, dubbed Captain R., was later awarded thousands of dollars for "getting his reputation tarnished by the media."

Normally, the Israeli press and media as well as intellectuals and civil society keep silent in the face of such outrageous behavior by the Israeli justice system.

Israel, non the less, continues to claim that it is the only true democracy in the Middle East and that it is a country where the rule of law prevails.

A Palestinian lawyer from Hebron region described the Israeli justice system as "very much like the Nazi justice system."

"It is like a Nazi court prosecuting a Gestapo policeman, so what do you expect," said Hussein Raba'i.

Raba'i argued that the Israeli justice system was based on race.

"So if you the victim is Palestinian and the murderer is a Jew, every conceivable trick is employed to acquit the murderer."

The lawyer stressed that justice and Israel shouldn't be used in the same phrase.

"You see there can be no justice under such a Nazi-like occupation. The two are simply inherently incompatible. A state and an army that murders children on their way to school and shoots civilians knowingly and deliberately and practices the vilest acts of terror and humiliation can't really be expected to observe the principles of justice.

Israeli courts normally don't indict soldiers involved in killing Palestinians for murder or even manslaughter. Instead, the usual charge brought against these murderers is "misuse of IDF-issued weapon" and "behaving in a manner unbecoming of soldiers."

Until a few years ago, Israeli soldiers convicted of killing innocent Palestinians were fined the equivalent of one US cent.

The symbolic fine is meant to underscore the racist Israeli perception of non-Jewish lives as worthless.

Many of the Israeli courts, whether military or civilians, are staffed with religious-Zionist judges who are indoctrinated in Jewish racism which views non-Jews in general as lesser human beings or even outright animals.

Since the outbreak of the Palestinian Aqsa intifada, Israeli occupation troops killed thousands of Palestinian civilians, including as many as 1300 children and minors.

Thousands of other Palestinian civilians were also injured or maimed in what human rights organizations have called "Israel's liberal slaughter of Palestinians."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Snipping Away at Apartheid

the wall is illegal under international law, but what does an apartheid state care?

Mayor Bars Ethiopian Jewish Children From Schools

the racism continues...

Six-year-old Adiso Dasa, who immigrated to "Israel" from Ethiopia three years ago, did not start school on Thursday. Rather than beginning first grade, he stayed home because of an order given by Or Yehuda Mayor Yitzhak Bokovza barring 50 children of Ethiopian immigrant families from registering in local schools.

The families all immigrated within the past three years, and until a few months ago they lived in absorption centers around the country, where they were given a governmental grant to purchase an apartment. Many of the families chose to move to Or Yehuda, where they believed they could integrate into "Israeli" society, find jobs and make a decent living. But sometimes dreams are dashed.

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