Friday, July 27, 2007

Europeans: Release Palestinian Ministers

45 Members of the European Parliament, from different politicalgroups, have decided to express their solidarity towards the 45 Palestinian colleagues imprisoned by Israel, and called for their immediate and unconditional release.

All the 45 MEPs stood up symbolically in the plenary, right before thebeginning of the debate with Mr. Solana on the situation on the MiddleEast, representing the 45 Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council detained in the Israeli jails in a clear violation of the international legality.

"Each of us, MEPs, is deeply concerned about the imprisonment of thePresident and of 1/3 of the Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, democratically and legitimately elected by the Palestinian people", MEPs said in their declaration.

Through this initiative, MEPs want to strongly condemn these arrests by the Israeli Army, but also remind the anniversary of the beginningof the Israeli military occupation in the Palestinian territories, which is during 40 years exactly today.

"We are deeply worried not only for the plight of the 45 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council but also for the near 11000 Palestinian political prisoners currently imprisoned by the Israeli Army, without a true process and often brutally abducted by the Israeli soldiers."

"40 years of military occupation are enough: now it's urgent to implement a political solution of the conflict, based on "two Peopleand two States" and it's necessary that the Palestinian Legislative Council could continue its activity, instead of preventing its work because of the check points, the arrests, the summary killings kept on by the current Israeli policy of military occupation", concluded LuisaMorgantini.

MEPs participating to the initiative:

Adamou Adamos, Andria Alfonso, Aubert Marie-Hélène, Auken Margarete,Beer Angelika, Brepoels Frieda, Bourzai Bernadette, Bowis John,Carnero Gonzàlez Carlos, Cohn-Bendit Daniel, Davies Chris, De BrúnBairbre, De Keyser Véronique, Demetriou Panayiotis, De RossaProinsias, Evans Jill, Flautre Hélène, Gottardi Donata, GuerreiroPedro, Hammerstein Mintz David, Isler-Béguin Marie-Anne, KasoulidesIoannis , Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou Rodi, Locatelli Pia Elda, LucasCaroline, Madeira Jamila, Matsakis Marios, McMillan-Scott Edward,Menendez Del Valle Emilio, Meyer Pleite Willy, Morgantini Luisa,Napoletano Pasqualina, Patrie Béatrice, Portas Miguel, Purvis John,Resetarits Karin, Romeva i Rueda Raül, Roure Martine, Saïfi Tokia,Savi Toomas, Sudre Margie, Svensson Eva-Britt, Toussas Georgios,Triantaphyllides Kyriacos, Wurtz Francis.

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