Monday, July 2, 2007

Just in Case You Missed It

"A few days ago, an Orthodox Jewish suicide bomber was apprehended by Israeli officials before he had a chance to set off his bomb at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade. We didn't hear a lot about this, as Israelis are always supposed to be victims, and by definition can't be terrorists. Had he succeeded, he no doubt would have been described as the victim, and an Arab body would have been chosen to be the terrorist. Then the usual typists would have written their opinion pieces wondering what is it in the 'Arab mind' that makes the Palestinians so prone to suicide bombing."

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Dirk Diggler said...

Interesting how Israel would host a gay pride parade and that the police would do everything to protect it from extremists, even Jewish extremists. When's the PrideWeek in Tehran? Riyadh? Damascus?

michael said...

Dirk, those places you've mentioned would much rather take pride in killing people.

It's interesting, also, how Israelis try to stop terrorism, even when it's an Israeli nutjob attempting it.

Has there ever been a similar effort from the palestinians, or the Iranians, or the Saudis...?

Anonymous said...

1. He was not preparing to kill himself. He was not a suicide bomber.

2. He is a disgusting idiot, which is why he was apprehended and will face the consequences.

At least gay people can live in Israel and be protected.