Friday, July 20, 2007

Prisoners Released

Today, the apartheid state released about 250 Palestinian political prisoners as good well gesture to Mahmoud Abbas.

It seems more like a publicity stunt on the part of the apartheid state as most of the released prisoners already served a majority of their sentences and were supposed to be released relatively soon anyway.

Also, the daily incursions into Palestinian villages, where many Palestinians are illegally abducted, have not stopped. So, it should not be long before the released prisoners' jail cells are restocked.

Israel's Political Prisoners

9,850 still remain unjustly incarcerated
105 are women
359 are children
40 are members of the Palestinian Legislative Council

Sources: Palestinian Ministry for Prisoner Affairs (July 2006), B'Tselem (Oct 2006)

Freed Palestinians welcomed home
Abbas welcomes freed Palestinians


rachamim ben ami said...

Apartheid? Apartheid is a political system that calls for the separation of two diffeent races with a religious rationale.

Jews and Arabs are the same, exact race, even the same sub-grouping: Semtic Caucasians.

Israel is a liberal democracy that has a Basic Law (equivalent to Constitution) guaranteeing complete freedom and human rights to ALL ISRAELI CITIZENS.

Arab Israelis can live where they wish, work where they wish, serve in govt., serve in the armed forces, go to school where they wish, and perhaps most importantly, emigrate if they so choose.

Not only were notne of those rights available to Apartheid Blacks but Israeli Arabs, who number today almost 2 million,CHOOSE TO LIVE IN ISRAEL.

"Palestinians" could have all these as well IF Israel annexed Gaza and/or the "West Bank." Were Israel to do this, you would scream bloody murder so give iot a rest.

Provide facts, not propaganda.

Also, why not discuss why those "Palestinians" are prisoners.

Huda Shaka` said...

Choose to live in Israel?! That's hilarious. Wake up r.b.a...Arabs were living there centuries before Israel was created. And what about the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that had to flee their homes in 1948 and 1967?

And your rant about Israeli Arabs being given their full rights, that's propaganda right there.

Have you bothered looking into the funding and support Arab Israeli communities get compared to Jewish communities? What about all the house demolitions and land confiscations? How about the recent JNF land debate?

You're right about the same race part though.