Sunday, July 29, 2007

Solidarity With Rachel Corrie

Jane Horwitz's article on "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" could have been an example of reporting on the best aspects of the play [" 'Corrie' Fears Unrealized; Controversial Play Opens Without Incident in W.Va.," Style, July 18]. Instead she gave space to the likes of Stanley Marinoff, who spouted off that Corrie was "a human shield for an organization that's probably a terrorist [front] organization."

That statement is not only inaccurate, it borders on slandering the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which has twice been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Even the courts in Israel have stated that the ISM is not a terrorist organization.

Corrie was not a "naive young lady" but a passionate advocate for justice for a people who have been forced to live under occupation, brutalized and ignored by the world.

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johnny wadd said...

Look, almost anybody can be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Doesn't make them a peaceful saint. Look at Tookie Williams. He shot four people dead in cold blood. Innocent people. Okay, so he wrote some children books that pretty much nobody read.

Anyway, Rachel Corrie was an anti-American terrorist sympathizer whom people should just forget about.