Tuesday, December 11, 2007

EU, US Criticise "Israel" Settler Plan

After the "negotiations for peace" at Annapolis, the apartheid state revealed a new settler plan which would build 300 new ILLEGAL homes in occupied Jerusalem.

The agreements at Annapolis state that both parties should work towards abiding by the Road Map to Peace drafted by the US. The road map clearly states that the apartheid state should SEIZE all illegal settlement activity.

The EU and US made rare criticisms of this plan, but they will fall on deaf ears.

Obviously, the apartheid state doesn't want peace.

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Note: The settlements are illegal under international law.


Anonymous said...

Jews lived in Judea, samaria,and Gaza from time immemorial straight through until the Arabs ethnically cleansed every last one in 1948.

That ethnically cleansing was illegal- not Jews living in ertain places.

The best news is that the Jewish population is approaching 300,000 and growing at nearly 6% annually- and nothing you racist terrorists do can stop that.

Anonymous said...

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