Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life in Gaza

If someone could please point out the armed militants that are the supposed targets of this missile?


Anonymous said...

The armed terrorists are right in the middle of the crowd, Abed:

HRW: IDF Attack Was Legitimate

In a surprising move, the often anti-Israel Human Rights Watch issued a statement in support of Israel’s right to self-defense over the weekend. Rocket launchers in Gaza are “legitimate military objectives,” said HRW’s Middle East Director, Joe Stork. Local “armed groups” are at fault for endangering civilians when they place launchers in civilian neighborhoods, he said...

If you want to see more cases, take a look at this:

Video: Terrorists Firing Mortars From Schoolyard

And there's a lot more if you want.

Face it, Abed, the more you terrorists try to murder, the more you will suffer. :-)

Anonymous said...

Idiot below,
For starters reference HRW when you quote them not israelNationalNews. Also, who you think you fooling when call HRW anti-"israel"?
As for your dubious claim, the entire crowd is clearly visible. There is nobody that is hiding in the middle. So you can't use that stupid sorry justification, the armed militants must be in the middle where we can't see them. But they sure are there. Come up with something better next time.

You must be so brainwashed that you think somebody else might actually believe zionist sources. Wake up and smell the coffee buddy. People have a hard time believing American media, so go figure who believes admittedly zionist media.

Face it fool, the so called "israel" is the global grand scale terrorist organization.

"Gaza Strip, the most densely populated area on earth on account of Israel using it as a specially designed human garbage can where refugees are disposed off and hermetically sealed off from the rest of the world. Brilliant, but unsuccessful. If you treat humans as garbage and they know that they are humans and not garbage, they will not quietly disappear. You will never sleep safe at night. You will never have the right to sleep safe at night. May you never sleep safe at night."

Anonymous said...

Look who the idiot is; the one who can't tell above from below.

israelNationalNews isn't an Arab site. They don't lie. They're a news site. Feel free to look it up yourself in HRW's web site. It's there.

You're also blind, because the entire crowd ISN'T visible. There's a big bush in the back and people could be behind it, there are people at the edges of the frame, and very possible that there are more outside the frame or behind these few in front.

Face it, Abed. If you shoot missiles at Israel, you will die. And if you're standing near Arab terrorists who are shooting missiles at Israel, you will die too. And nobody will care, because you brought it on your own terrorist tizi.

Anonymous said...

comments aren't editable after publishing so that can't be changed. however you posting below made it all accurate anyway.

Face it zionists. "If you treat humans as garbage and they know that they are humans and not garbage, they will not quietly disappear. You will never sleep safe at night. You will never have the right to sleep safe at night. May you never sleep safe at night."

Anonymous said...

Face it Abed. You treat Arabs like garbage just like you treat others like garbage.

That's why Gazans ARE going to disappear, and so are other Arabs in Israel:

According to Nader Said’s polls for Birzeit University, 35 percent of Palestinians over the age of 18 want to emigrate. Nearly 50 percent of those between 18 and 30 would leave if they could, said Mr. Said.

“That’s a huge indicator,” he said. “In the worst of times here, when Israeli troops were everywhere, the figure in the population was less than 20 percent.”

Even the young fighters of the Abu Rish brigade have tried to leave. Muhammad and Saado, both 27, sold their weapons, took bank loans and paid $2,000 for visas and tickets from Cairo to Beijing on Austrian Airlines.

What about those who would accuse you of giving up your rights in your land?

Mr. Hussein turned away. “I don’t care,” he finally said. “I want to live happily.”


I sleep safe at night because we are defeating these animals.

And they are leaving my land.

- 42.6% of respondents are pessimistic towards the general Palestinian conditions at this stage.

- 86.1% of respondents do not feel safe neither for themselves nor for their families and properties under the present circumstances.

- 62.2% of respondents said that their economic situation under the current circumstances is deteriorating.

- 62.8% of respondents said that the local security conditions deteriorated.

- Within the present circumstances 29.4% of respondents said that they think of emigrating.

- 33.1% of respondents said that that they may emigrate if proper living conditions become available to them abroad.

- 28.7% of respondents said that the main cause that compels them to think of emigrating is lack of security; 45.9% said that it is the poor economic situation.



40% Of Gaza Arabs Consider Emigration

According to a recent survey by Near East Consulting, 40% of Gaza Arabs are considering leaving Gaza. 53% said they are unable to express themselves freely since the Hamas takeover earlier in the summer, while 80% said the economic situation has gone downhill since the takeover. 400 people from various cities in Gaza were questioned for the survey.

Supporters of Fatah were faring much worse than supporters of Hamas, with Fatah supporters reporting a 24% unemployment rate to Hamas supporters’ 14%. 52% of the Fatah supporters said they had trouble obtaining certain food items, while only 23% of Hamas supporters said the same. 54% of Fatah supporters said they would consider leaving Gaza if given the chance, while only 12% of Hamas supporters said the same.


Anonymous said...

"israelNationalNews isn't an Arab site. They don't lie. They're a news site."

It's stupid comments like this that show just how dumb and brainwashed some of you are. To say that because it's a news site means it doesn't lie is not only moronic but it's kind of funny. Any half-brained person knows that not everything you hear on the news is true, especially somethin that you read on a website that is so obviously biased. When that much bias exists it should be even harder to believe something you read, but of course because it is from a Zionist website you believe anything you read. Moron

Anonymous said...

You're the moron. Like I said, it's there on the HRW web site too.

Feel free to look it up yourself.

My guess is that you won't. The truth is too much for you.

Anonymous said...

Just because it's on the site doesnt make it true, any person with half a brain knows that not everything you read is fact, idiot

Anonymous said...

Just because you are presented with real proof and can't accept the truth doesn't make it any less true.

Video: Terrorists Firing Mortars From Schoolyard

Arabs don't value human life- definitely not "infidels'" and not even their own.

Anonymous said...

the more you post the more you reveal how much of a brainwashed idiot you are. keep commenting!

Anonymous said...

I post facts with links so thatanyone can see for themselves.

This one was an actual video where you can see Arab terrorists firing missiles from an elementary school courtyard.

If you want more videos or photos (including AP, Reuters, AFP, etc., just say so).

Brainwashed would be denying what is self-evident,and that would be you, Abed.