Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reality of Occupation

A typical day at a checkpoint in the West Bank city of Bethlehem


Anonymous said...

The more you try to murder, the more the checkpoints will continue. Here are 3 recent reasons why they will continue:

18/12/07: Gun Found During Search at Ramallah Security Checkpoint

16/12/07: Soldiers (at checkpoint) Take Handgun from Arab

8/12/07: Terrorist Caught with Weapons at Hawara Checkpoint

The more you try, the more you suffer. Keep trying. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you only see "murder" when one Israeli dies every month. But the 5 or 10 Palestinians that Israel MURDERS every day is brushed aside because you are dumb enough to believe that Israel can do no wrong and those people who are being oppressed and having their land stripped away are the oppressors. Any sane person that looks into this without a bias can see what's going on, as the Palestinians lives are slowly being stripped down to nothing and as the Israeli's are continuously applying racist and illegal oppression on the Palestinians, the Palestinians are portrayed as the evil in this situation. Read a book, look into it, don't be a Zionist puppet who believes anything you read, for once use that peanut-sized thing in your head

Anonymous said...

Israel doesn't murder. Israel prevents murder.

If the Arabs want to stop dying, then they'll stop trying to murder.

Not such a difficult concept. Even you should be able to understand that, Abed.

Anonymous said...

Israel prevents murder? It's funny what kind of crap you'll believe. As long as there is oppression then the Palestinians will fight for it, it's easy for you the oppressor to play the woe is me role, but in a similar situation you would react the same way. The only murderers are the Zionists who feel it's ok to take the life of a Palestinian child and to bomb random buildings because idiots like you will believe that it was a strike at terrorists threatening Israel. Even someone with no brain like you should be able to see that an army as large as Israel's can't possibly be oppressed by a people with no army who has been under occupation for 60 years

Anonymous said...

Yes- Israel prevents murder. You Arabs wouldn't know truth it it hit you in the head- which it does.

The Paleos chose war. They lost. They suffer.

Losing a war is oppressive.

But they could have had a state in peace MANY times.

In a similar situation, we chose a state instead of war, and we have a state. They never will.

They will leave our land because they are violent barbarians.