Thursday, December 27, 2007

Palestinian Women Forced to Give Birth at Home

Pregnant Palestinian women in Azzun Atma, a village near Qalqiliya encircled by the security fence, prefer to take up residence outside of the town in the later stages of their pregnancy for fear that they will be prevented from crossing the fence to get to the local hospital when they go into labor.

The IDF checkpoint which separates the village from the rest of the West Bank is not manned during the night and thus women who go into labor are unable to reach the local hospital.

In the last year, some 20 out of the 33 pregnant women from the village relocated to outside of Azzun towards the end of their third trimesters.

Hanan Yakoub, one of the few women who took the chance of staying in the village in her ninth month asked: "How am I, at 40 years of age, expected to give birth in a car? Where is your mercy? At my age it isn't easy to give birth, and certainly not in a car."

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Anonymous said...

You missed the best talkback that ripped the lie apart:

“Poll: Checkpoints Not A Health Issue For PA Arabs” (May 27, 2007)

A poll of Palestinian Authority Arabs said that the vast majority never experienced any problem when seeking medical help because they were prevented from passing through IDF roadblocks...

But the poll, conducted by a professional PA polling group, showed that in actuality, the checkpoint issue had a negligible impact on Arabs seeking health care. 25% of those polled who said they had been denied treatment for health problems cited the high cost of medical care as the main problem. Other major reasons cited were long waiting times (23%) and a lack of qualified personnel in PA health facilities (17%). Only 6% said they were held back for a significant period by a checkpoint.

See the poll itself here:

Anonymous said... great source!

Anonymous said...

You stupid goat-herding ahabal! It was Arutz-7 quoting AN ARAB POLL.

The ARAB POLL is also given for you to look and enjoy, ya tembel!