Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Israel": Aprtheid Resurrected Week

The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine held a week of events titled "Israel: Apartheid Resurrected." This week was designed to educate the campus of the ongoing Apartheid that is taking place in Occupied Palestine.

The MSU built a mock Apartheid wall and posted facts, pictures, and artwork to help give a visual outlook of what is actually occuring in Palestine. The wall was very effective in educating the campus and many students were grateful to MSU for constructing the wall.

Daily, students would come up to MSU members and thank them for their hardwork. Many students admitted that they had no idea what the Palestinians were enduring and really appreciated that the MSU showed the suffering of the Palestinian people, which is often kept from the mainstream media.

Of course, the Zionists on campus were not pleased with the wall and many could not handle to see students reading the true nature of the Zionist state.

There was a specific incident where a Zionist woman wanted to take all the MSU's informative pamphlets, which were posted on a section of the wall and burn them.

Our wall was not able to stay overnight on campus because in 2004 another mock wall was set ablaze overnight by unknown assalaints. So, because of this we had to take down the wall everyday and store it in a safe location.

Below are some pictures of the mock Apartheid wall...

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