Thursday, May 31, 2007

AFI Supports Terrorists

It was very amusing to watch Anteaters for Israel's Co-President, Emilya Shaaya, publicly declare her club's support to the work of the 3xTerrorists, during the Q&A session of last night's program.

Don't you guys understand who your supporting?

Walid Shoebat and his goons are Evangelical Christians, who believe that the state of Israel must be established before Jesus Christ can return. According to Evangelicals once Christ returns, the Jews of Israel have two options; either to convert to Chrisitianity or to be killed.

Moshe Katz says the following about Shoebat:

"He claims to be Palestinian but nobody in the territories has ever heard of him. He says he was a former PLO fighter but strangely enough he doesn't have any documentation or proof to back up his claims.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘never trust a man who sells out his own people’. That sums up Shoebat. He is too right wing in his rhetoric. He claims to be a former Moslem who now embraces Christianity and loves Israel. Well, how can you love Israel if the only road to salvation is through Jesus Christ? How can you proclaim your admiration for the Jewish people if you feel they are lost in not accepting Christ as the Messiah?... Shoebat is a former Lebanese militiaman who was brought over to Israel after the Southern Lebanon fiasco. He then set out to proclaim himself a Palestinian. In the end he is a former member of the Christian Phangist (Fascist) party who's making a living telling Jews what they want to hear. I'm one who will plant a tree in Israel before I give this man a dime.”

I guess they just take whatever support they can get.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Moshe Katz

I have read your "snake oil" comments about myself. Your first offense is that you broke one of the ten commandments - You shall not bear false witness. You did:

" In the end he is a former member of the Christian Phangist (Fascist) party who's making a living telling Jews what they want to hear."

I would LOVE to prove your lie. Will you be willing to have me prove you a liar? Mr. Katz, lets put your money where your mouth is. Send me a note to, we will set up a meeting and I will be glad to prove that I am not Lebanese, Phalangist... I would love to prove to you your doubts, but I doubt that you are even willing to examine the evidence.

Why would you say things you are not sure of? I am not sure that you are Moshe Katz as you claim, should I say that you are a Palestinian implant who just wants to cause division and doubt? Should I do what you do?

Your second offense is your statement "never trust a man who sells out his own people". In this case then "Hashem" had made the mistake of honoring Rachov who betrayed her own people and stood with Israel. I guess the Allmighty in your view would have been wrong? After all you would accuse the Allmighty of choosing prostitutes over others. Tradition even says that Joshua married her.

Your third offense is your sheer stupidity, a thing the Jewish people cannot afford for their survival. It was sheer stupidity that cost so many Jewish lives. Many Jews tend to trust the wrong people, but when the right people come along they doubt. Jews trusted in Oslo and were sold, Jews trusted in Germany and were killed, Jews trusted their Arab employees and where slaughtered....

When will Jews ever trust the right people? Better then this question is this - why should rightous gentiles stand with the Jewish people, risk everything to get stung by so many Jews who doubt them?

Finally you stated:

"[Walid is] making a living telling Jews what they want to hear"

If I want to tell Jews what they want to hear then I would be for a two state solution. In fact, this stand caused many Jews to reject my message. If I am interrested in money, wouldn't you think that I would bring a neutral message and please all?

Fact is, we the Arabs finally succeeded to put a wedge in Jewish unity by calling for a Palestinian state. This is the wedge that divided up Jews and is now the reason for Jewish death and self destruction.

Your statement that no one should trust anyone who betrayed their own people is wrong, the truth is Mr. Katz i- that no one should trust their enemy to make decesions for them.

You stated:
"G*D help us all if Jewish organizations keep buying snakeoil from charlatans"

If indeed I am a charlatan lying to everyone, why would I risk my life for a lie? Why wouldn't I simply carry the same message as Abuna Chacour, Naim Ateek, Emil Salayta, Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the countless real charlatans Jews trust and you failed to mention? Why would I be "too right wing in his rhetoric"? Why not sit in the middle and "collect" from both sides.

"The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall. " (Proverbs 10:8)

I am ashamed of your slander Mr. Katz

Walid Shoebat

Reut Cohen said...

Hey, you've deleted my comments.

That's not very nice considering I pointed out your errors and lies. I never delete comments made by the MSU from my blog.

Anyway, nice to see you've corrected the misinformation you initially presented.

Anonymous said...


You have deleted comments deemed offensive so actually YES you do delete comments (even if they deserve to be deleted).

You have also put misinformation on your blog and later corrected it. Take the example when you called Amir Abdel Malik Ali a liar when he claimed that it was an FBI agent driving the vehicle and then you withdrew those statements shortly after the story was confirmed.

Leyla said...

If Waleed shoebat was truly a palestinians , he would not embrace and join the enemy who has uprooted his family and friends and relatives , and keeps killing them and spilling their blood for the last few decades, jailing them by the thousands and humiliating them daily at the checkpoints . what does waleed get for this ? a few hundreds thousands dollars. shame that he sells his people and his cause for Money and fame . the zionists will never trust you no matter how much you kiss their As.. sorry but you sound like a total Loser . May God have pity on your lost soul. people like you make me sick .