Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not So Cool Facts About Israel


Anonymous said...

That really hit me...Keep up your good work..

Anonymous said...

I watch the first minute of this video before realizing it was nothing more than propaganda. I mean, how can Israel destroy a nation that didn't exist to begin with?

Hajji said...

If you dont believe a nation didnt exist there in the first place, there was surely many villages and people that "Israel" did destroy.

Watch the rest of the facts, and read up more facts from relief organizations.

Reut Cohen said...

Achievements of Israelis:

Visit to learn about ethnic cleansing. Nearly 1,000,000 Jews had to flee the Arab world in the between the 1930s-1950s.

The Palestinian population has skyrocketed. Doesn't sound like ethnic cleansing to me.


This is why Israelis need checkpoints:

Anonymous said...

reut: Why your argument about checkpoints is completely ridiculuous:

"Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the checkpoints in the West Bank are not between the West Bank and internationally recognized Israeli borders, but rather within the Palestinian West Bank, most of them between Palestinian towns and villages."

In other words, most checkpoints have nothing to do with protecting "Israel" and everything to do with making life miserable for Palestinians.

see also:

Anonymous said...

refering to the above post, the links did not show up correctly.

Here they are again:


rachamim ben ami said...

Basically, it boils down to cold, hard truth: There has NEVER been a nation called "Palestine." "Palestinins" did not exist as a label until 1948, at least the label coopted by regional Arabs. Prior to 48 anyone born in the Mandate was a "Palestinian."

The Arabs who coopted it can barely trace their existence to 1834 asnd the Nablus Rebellion against Ali in Egyt. Even at that time and until 48 they called themselves "Southern Syrians."

This is reality. Manke all the cute cvidoes you want, fill it will nonsense alkl you want, but the truth will not change. Arabs have 33 nations without the PA Lands and Muslims literally have 57. There are more than 1 billion Muslims worldwide.

There are 17 million Jews worldwide with only ONE NATION - Israel.

Here is the kicker though: The only people to ever have had an organic nation on that land were the JEWS! It is their land.

rachamim ben ami said...

On Checkpoints: The PA operates many more than Israel ever has and runs them far more ineptly. Transversing a PA Point takes more than 1.5 hours on avg. while an IDF Point takes an avg. of 20 minutes.

Hajii says Israel destroyed villages even if there has never been an Arab nation there. Guess what? 500 JEWISH villages were destroyed in just the Judean portion of the "West Bank" in the Roman Era. Those ancient olive trees? Those ancient artifacts? They are Jewish/

Furthermore, Israel is responsible for expelling the residents of just 7 Arab villages. All of them were villages on the border area who had signed obesiance pacts wirth the Zionists but had reneged and murdered Jews.

Did you ever ask yourself why Israel has almost 2 million Arabs living in Israel Proper? Arabs who have the highest non-subsidised standard ofliving in the entire world? Arabs who are allowed to do anything a Jewish Israeli can do, including emigrating if they are unhappy.

They do not emigrate though, do they? Why?

Why have more than 330,000 Arabs illegaly immigrated into Israel Proper just since Oslo?

Arabs in Israel can go to whatever school they ;iike, work where they want, live where they want, serve in both govt. and the armed forces, and so on. In short, they are equals.

Arabs in Gaza have proven Israel correct with regards to stringent security measures still in effect on the "West Bank."

There are more than 440 Jewish Israelis sitting in Israeli prisons for crimes against Arabs, including merely incitement. How any Arabs sit in PA or HAMAS jails for crimes against any Israelis? ZERO.

Want to keep going?

Videos mean nothing, truth means everything. Arabs equal Arabia, Jews equal Judea, pretty smiple.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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