Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zionists Clowning Around

Throughout our entire "Israel: Apartheid Resurrected" week, it was very interesting to observe the behavior of the Zionists, to say the least.

Historically, Zionists have gone unchallenged as they are clearly unable to sit quietly throughout the MSU's lectures due to their dogmatic nature of seldomly being challenged. A typical response from the Zionists would include shouting loudly, rudely interrupting the speaker, and in turn, distracting the listening audience/students in addition to humiliating themselves.

The first incident took place during Rabbi Weiss' speech entitled, "Anti-Semitism: The Zionist Facade." Rabbi Weiss is an active member of the Neturei Karta movement which is opposed to the establishment of and retains all opposition to the existence of the so-called "State of Israel."

As soon as Rabbi Weiss began to discuss the opposing ideologies of Zionism and Judaism, a Zionist community member rudely yelled out at the Rabbi. Rabbi Weiss continued his talk unmoved by the disturbance.

About half way into Rabbi Weiss' speech, two clowns, literally, appeared and began to put on a show for the audience behind Rabbi Weiss. One of these clowns turned out to be the so-called Rabbi from Long Beach, who is a frequent visitor to the UCI campus.

The two Zionist clowns began to pass out balloons and pamphlets all in an attempt to distract the audience of students who were listening closely to Rabbi Weiss.

Of course, as usual, the Zionist's plot completely failed and actually brought even more attention to Rabbi Weiss' lecture.

It was also interesting to observe the reactions of the members of the Zionist clubs on campus who were completely embarrassed by the actions of the so-called Rabbi, as it was obvious in their behavior.

The next day the so-called Rabbi from Long Beach, also showed up for Amir Abdelmalik's lecture titled "Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, and the Holy Land." Again, he did not disappoint.

In another attempt to distract the students that were listening to the lecture, the so-called Rabbi held an "American Idol Jihad Edition"competition. He ran around passing pamphlets as well as making a scene during the Question and Answer segment of the lecture. The students responded to this by yelling for him to sit down and allow respected people to ask questions.

Also during the same speech, a Zionist who had his face covered with a shirt, walked around holding a sign that read "Death to Infidels."

In the end, these actions actually promoted our events very well and exposed the Zionists for who they truly are.


Reut Cohen said...

Since you didn't take the picture of the "clown" you should at least credit where you took it from (i.e. Rabbi Yonah's blog).

Also, the person wearing a t-shirt is neither a Jew or a Zionist.

So I guess anyone who supports Israel, in your eyes, is a Zionist.

phixit said...

jesus tittyfucking christ. you guys shot your wad, or what? c'mon, we're all waiting for new posts with baited breath. step up the productivity, would ya?

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that a Rabbi can take a discussion of his religion, the ideology he has so readily committed his life to, so lightly. I wonder as to how someone can belittle a discussion on what they claim to believe.

That's not even considering the unacceptable nature for a scholarly person such as a Rabbi to disregard not only intellectual discussion, but to dress up and act like a clown.

Reut Cohen said...

Neturei Karta make up .001% of Jews. They are a fringe group funded by the PLO. It's ironic that you bring them, considering many MSU members claim to hate the PLO. Anyway, even anti-Zionists condemn NK for their hateful ideology.

There is NO basis for Neturei Karta today except for a couple of works in the Talmud that says that we should not try to force the redemption. This minority opinion is rejected. Jews would have started Israel 500 or 1000 years ago — but there was never a chance until the middle of the 19th centure when religious Jews first started to return to the Holy Land.

Judaism says CLEARLY in the Torah that we rule according to the majority. The VAST majority of Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and Secular Jews want and love Israel.

If you only recognize Neturei Karta as Jews, you are disregarding the other 99% of Jews out there.

Anonymous said...

The PLO doesn't even have enough money to support itself, why waste its money on the Neturei Karta?

Hajji said...

Did the majority of the Jews living in Palestine before 1948 want a Jewish state established with the help of the UK? showed the top Jewish Rabbi of Jeruselum at the time writing letters begging the Britains not to. Why?

Nabulsi said...
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Nabulsi said...


Regarding the masked fool from the OC Register..

"A young man in a turban, his face covered, marches around UC
Irvine with signs saying "Death to Infidels. Death to Israel" during a
week of campus demonstrations by Muslim students.

Here's the catch: He's not Muslim. In fact, he's not even a student at UCI.

Instead, he's one of many outsiders who have become embroiled in a
campus war of words between a small number of Jewish and Muslim students.

Was he aware that passers-by might actually think he was a terrorist?

"Of course," said Max Gibson, 27, a self-proclaimed Zionist who lives in
San Diego and is affiliated with a college Republican group. "It was to
make people think."

Not a Zionist?

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