Saturday, May 19, 2007

US plans "Israel" missile shield

The House of Representatives just passed a $504 billion defense spending bill, $205 million of which will not even be spent on the defense of our country. Instead, it will be redirected towards a missile shield for the Apartheid state...

missile defence system is dubbed "David's Sling"...what a joke...

I do not recall David having the sixth strongest Army in the world, the second highest fleet of F-16s (behind US) , nuclear weapons, M-1 tanks, Apache helicopters, etc...

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Anonymous said...

thats right. he didn't have the 6th strongest army in the world- he merely had the strongest army in the universe. the God of Israel.

Anonymous said...

wrightandwrong: Oppressors rely on material strength. Freedom fighters rely on God and are willing to stand up no matter what the odds. It's pretty obvious who plays the roles of David and Goliath in this situation.

By the way, God for Muslims is not limited to Muslims, or Arabs, or Israel, etc. There is only One God, who rules over all creation. The same God who gave victory to David will give victory to the Palestinians against their oppressors.

God's Justice will reign supreme and the criminals running Israel and supporting it shall eventually face the punishment, though we may not see it in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Ikechukwu says:
Anonymous: You err greatly. In the first place, the Arabs started it all by rejecting UN partition vote that gave the Palestinians their own country, the land they allowed Israel to seize in their bid to protect their lives.

Arabs wanted, and still want, nothing short of every Jew driven into the sea.

Please know and remember that the passage of time and perhaps the entire world propaganda can not alter the truth before the Almighty God that you yourself acknowledged as impartial.

Let the Arabs and all their supporters and backers have a rethink. There is still room for them if they will be honest.