Saturday, June 2, 2007

Media Campaign Against MSU

Recently, in the media you have seen many Zionists speaking about UCI and their views on the events the MSU has organized this past spring.

You had a clown for a rabbi appear on a local radio station and address his "concerns" about UCI. He claims our week was designed at "creating an atmosphere of hate on campus" and that "MSU's only goal is to intimidate Jewish students."

Complete lies and fabrications.

The MSU's goal of the "Israel: Apartheid Resurrected" week was to inform and educate the campus about the oppression of millions of people in Palestine at the hands of Israel with the full backing of our government.

If our true goal was to intimidate Jewish students on campus, why not then dedicate our entire campus events towards this goal? We put on events all year long, addressing many different issues.

Have we ever organized events in which we demonized Judaism or the Jewish people? NO, quite the contrary, we even brought a rabbi to speak about the differences between Judaism and Zionism.

In our programs, you will hear us criticizing Zionism, not Judaism. Zionism is not a religion but a man-made political ideology (just like socialism or capitalism). An attack on Zionism is an attack on its racist ideas and the oppressive practices of its subscribers, not an attack on a specific religion or its followers.

You also had an AFI member who appeared on FOX News with Walid Shoebat, a self-proclaimed ex-terrorist. Walid claims that he used to be a terrorist with the PLO, but provides absolutely no documentation or proof that would support his claims.

He says, "MSU is a group that openly gives funds for terrorism, openly calls for the toppling of the United States of America, and openly raises funds for terrorism."

His claims have absolutely no basis. There is absolutely no evidence to back these claims because they are complete LIES, which is not surprising coming from Walid Shoebat, who makes a living off lies and deceiving the masses.

This same AFI member documents almost all of the MSU events, so please provide some evidence to support these absolute ridiculous claims.

If the media was really interested in why the MSU does what it does, why not ask the MSU to explain for themselves? Why bring some off campus rabbi or MSU-hater to answer these questions?

It is clear that there is a certain agenda that the media is trying to push along.


Muneeb said...

"Atmosphere of hate?" If any, it's an atmosphere of hate against the oppression and apartheid that exists in the Holy Land. It's an atmosphere of hate against the terrorist practices of the Israeli government. We don't apologize for that.

In fact, Mr. Shoebat, with whom the AFI member so willingly appeared on television, openly calls for hate speech. "Do I promote hate speech? Sure," Shoebat said. "I hate terrorism. I will speak against terrorism my entire life."

The difference is that Shoebat considers Islam a religion of terrorism. The Daily Pilot reports "The speakers at the Bren center repeatedly denounced Islam and terrorism — often combining the two ...."

Will Rabbi Yonah condemn him for attempting to create an atmosphere of hate against Islam and Muslims?

ab said...

Typical zionist's accusation of hate. That is the ONLY thing they have left, but i am certain people won't believe them for much longer...

Anonymous said...

Oh but you guys do intimidate Jewish students on campus. What was the blood-stained Israeli flag all about? And what about calling for Israel to be wiped off the map? Gandhi never called for Great Britain to be wiped off the map. And about this "rabbi," well, 99% of the worldwide Jewish community has disowned Dovid Un-Weiss and the Nuttyrei Karta, including the anti-Zionist Satmar Hasidic branch, because of their tea party with Ahmadinejad. And I'm sorry, but until moderate Muslims take a more active stance against terrorism, people will only naturally equate Islam with terrorism regardless of what the Quran actually says.

ab said...

You mean, once we stop FIGHTING terrorism, then people will stop associating terrorism with Islam. That is exactly what YOU and your likes want, because it is a great danger for you that muslims fight zionist terror, so you nicely play with words and call those who oppose injustice - terrorists. Eh, i know (amost all) of your tricks, and people of the world are starting to understand them too :D

Anonymous said...

Okay, but there are ways to fight the so-called "terror" you claim the Israelis are carrying out that don't involve blowing up buses and restaurants full of civilians.

Anonymous said...

and "Israel" sending F-16 missiles onto civilian homes, drving tanks in the middle of the road and shooting at school children and destroying thousands of Palestinian homes is ok?

Anonymous said...

It is also important to note how many times the interviewer who conducted the interview with Shoebat and Cohen mentioned that tax payer money was used to sponsor the MSU and thus terrorism (which is clearly ridiculous). What he refuses to recognize is that the United States funds the Illegal State of Israel's terrorism and yet no one seems to consider that "funding terrorists."
Is leveling an entire city, killing hundreds of its citizens, and forcing a million into refugee camps, as occurred in Lebanon this past summer, not terrorism? When an entire army is designed solely for the purpose of fighting civilians and to TERRORIZE them into submission, how is funding such an organization not terrorism in and of itself?
One can mention that there have been bus bombs etc. that kill Israeli civilians; however, the damage that the illegal state of Israel has inflicted on the people of the Middle East is not only by definition terrorism; it's genocide.
Ultimately, the mass killings perpetrated by Zionists even prior to the illegal inception of the state of Israel (take the Haganah for example) are the root cause of the Palestine-Israel problem. Racist ideologies such as Zionism promote hate and any movement that develops to counter such a racist ideology is in essence, one that promotes equality and freedom. If one considers supporting such organizations that oppose the racist ideology of Zionism an act of supporting terrorism then Wallahi! a proud terrorist I am!

Anonymous said...

How is it genocide when the Arab and Palestinian population in Israel has increased over the past few decades? If Israel really wanted to commit genocide, Syria and Lebanon would be giant plutonium pits right now. The innocent Palestinians you hear about that die from the IDF missions are used as human shields by Hezbollah and Hamas to gain sympathy from the international community. But I can see past their deception.

Anonymous said...

If that is really what you believe then there is nothing I can really say to you then I am so sorry that you can't even see past your own self-deception.

Belal Abdelfattah said...

I think it's pretty sad that some people have reached a point where they will believe anything they hear if it supports Israel, no matter how stupid it is. The innocent Palestinians that die only die because they are used as human shields by Hamas and Hezbollah? Think about that, your saying that the people whom they are fighting for are the same people they are using as human shields? That's one of the dumbest things I've heard and it's sad that someone would believe that. And it's a genocide because the Palestinian men are being thrown in prisons, the children are being targeted by soldiers, and the women are being held at checkpoints for hours while they are on their way to the hospital to have a baby. The slow murder of the people is genocide, just because the population has gone up doesn't mean that the Israeli's haven't done a number of inhumane and downright disgusting things to the Palestinians. Fighting Palestinian men is one thing, but targeting Palestinian children and pregnant women is undeniably terrorism.