Friday, June 22, 2007

Fatah Torturing Hamas Members

"Any one who speaks Arabic can tell that the torturers are Dahlan's thugs. After beating the Hamas people viciously, they force them to chant for Dahlan, "With our lives and blood we will redeem you o Dahlan!" Also at the end they force them to chant,"Hamas is Shiite, Hamas is Shiite!" Which of course is not true, but it is supposed to put Hamas in the Iranian camp; a sleazy sectarian attempt. Is there any doubt that Israel is behind this thug Dahlan?"

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised

Just a reminder that Hamas is the democratically elected government of Palestine.


Anonymous said...

The video shows Hamas killers torturing Fatah men. So why are you trying to fool people. DEATH TO HAMAS & ALL Iranian Backed Traitors. Long live the party of Arafat - FATAH!

Anonymous said...

if they were from Hamas, why would they make the men say "With our lives and blood we will redeem you o Dahlan!"?

By the way, Dahlan is a Fatah leader, not a Hamas leader.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious the torturers are Fatah people. The chants are all anti-Hamas, pro-Fatah.

Zeyad said...

Allah says: those who harm a pious servant of Mine, I will declare war on them.

May Allah destroy those who are opposed to Islam, its teachings and its justice.

Islam is the way, the truth, the life, and those who oppose it will have the worst demise.