Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gaza's Boiling

It has been in the media spotlight for the past few days now, so I think it's important to discuss the current situation in Palestine.

Fighting has broken out between Fatah and Hamas, resulting in deaths of many. Unfortunately, certain people label this tension and animosity in Gaza as a civil war. Instead, it should be referred to as street cleaning- cleansing Gaza from the corrupt Fatah leaders who haven't shown any dedication to the Palestinian people. Hamas on the other hand, from day one has been involved in providing services, orphanages, clinics, and other social work for the suffering Palestinians.

Hamas has been held at gunpoint since their victory in the democractic elections over a year ago. Immediately after the declared victory in the elections, the International community has marginalized the Palestinians by cutting off funding. As the Palestinians were being suffocated, it became clear that Hamas had to do something to maintain the livelihood of the Palestinians. So Hamas decided to form a coalition government with Fatah to offer a front that will be accepted by many nations. Hamas' willingness to share its power with this corrupt entity goes to show you just how far Hamas is willing to go for the sake of the Palestinians. However, bringing Fatah into the picture has done nothing yet costed everything. If Hamas' sole intention was based on acquiring power, they would not have been resilient in forming this unity goverment.

As this newly formed government showed no signs of progress for the Palestinian people, tensions began rising between the two parties. Then, when minor fights broke out, Mr. Abbas became a slave to Israel and the United States. He was presented with one-of-a-kind honorarium- WEAPONS. Rather than putting out the fire and promoting peace, Israel and the United States ignited the fire and are currently witnessing it burn.

With the takeover of Gaza by Hamas, many are pessimistic about the newly cleaned streets. Corruption has fled and the elected party has emerged victorious in this epic battle. Having Hamas completely in charge of the Palestinian governement is ideal for a sucessful future of a suffering nation. The coalition involving Fatah has not for one second, brought any benefit to the Palestinians. Instead, Fatah goes and sides with Israel for some cash and guns.

As Malcolm X would have said, "its a case of the chickens coming home to roost".

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