Friday, June 8, 2007

Muslim-Jewish Tensions at UC Irvine

KCET on Muslim-Jewish Tensions at UC Irvine

The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine’s political events are distorted and out of context, which leads to people judging the Muslims on campus out of fear or prejudice, rather than listening objectively to what we have to say. One of our goals is to show people what Islam is all about.

This means that we will try to educate students on campus about issues that we feel we need to stand for. The Muslim Student Union has no "feud" with Jewish students at UC Irvine.

The MSU does not agree with the racist political ideology of Zionism. This is greatly at odds with how we see Judaism, however; we believe Judaism is a rich, beautiful faith that is rooted in the Abrahamic traditions.

Jews, as well as Christians, are considered our "brothers and sisters of the book" in Islam, and we are taught to treat them with respect. If we were to be anti-Semitic, it would go against the very ideals that our religion preaches. The conflict on this campus is over politics, not faith.

Marya Bangee
Spokesperson MSU-UCI


Anonymous said...

Well I don't agree with your support for terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas. That doesn't mean I hate Muslims. I have a few Muslim friends who are really cool people, and part of the reason they are cool is because they don't advocate suicide bombing and terrorism. They just focus on living life and being good people. Maybe that's what MSU needs to do. They should promote Middle Eastern culture and convince people that Islam is not a violent religion rather than spew hate and call for Israel to be wiped off the map. I certainly don't think Iran should be wiped off the map even if Ahmadinejad threatens the West. I've seen pictures of Iran, and I think it's a beautiful country with a rich culture.

Anonymous said...

Islam is not about Middle Eastern culture. Islam has its own culture, which is the culture which MSU tries to promote. This culture is one which promotes peace through justice, hence MSU taking such a strong (and imperative) stance against the unjust ideology of Zionism. In regards to your comment "They should ... convince people that Islam is not a violent religion", Muslims in America try to do that every single day by example of their own nonviolent way of life. Muslims don't want the land on which the state of Israel exists to be wiped off the planet. They want the STATE of Israel to be wiped off the planet.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying about how MSU should promote nonviolence instead of spewing hate, but that is exactly what Marya's statement addressed... which is that MSU does NOT spew hatred and promote a violent depiction of Islam but that MSU's stances are taken out of context and painted in a light that makes it seem that way. Why don't you check out what MSU is up to the other 37 weeks of the school year?

Anonymous said...

MSU does NOT support suicide bombing and terrorism. MSU does not support terrorists. MSU is a religous organization, and has NO affiliation with Middle Eastern or any other cultures.

You say that MSU calls for wiping Israel off the map. Has'nt Israel already wiped Palestine off the map?

Part of living life and being a "good person" is helping those in need, those who are oppressed, those who are victims of injustice; and that's what MSU tries to do.

Johnny Wadd said...

But doesn't MSU invite speakers to UC Irvine who support suicide bombing? And if MSU doesn't support terrorism, then what was up with that event in 2006 called "Hamas: The People's Choice"? If MSU really is opposed to terrorism, why won't they actively speak out against suicide bombings and Katyusha rockets being launched at apartment complexes? Why can't they advocate some sort of non-violent resistance?

I am finally realizing that MSU is a big joke and can never be taken seriously. Not when they put up an exhibit with a blood-stained Israeli flag (oh but if the Jewish students had a blood-stained Quran as part of their display, cars would be set on fire!) Not when they disrupt Daniel Pipes' lecture when they could easily have asked him intelligent questions after his speech.

Oh and how can Israel wipe something off the map that wasn't on the map to begin with?

Huda Shaka` said...

johnny wadd:

1. "Hamas: The People's Choice": that's a factual statement. Hamas overwhelmingly won the first fair and democratic Palestinians elections.

MSU as an organization does not support and is not affiliated with any political group/organization in the US or abroad. MSU does not promote or defend any such political organizations. Speakers at MSU events may have their own political affiliations or opinions, but those are their own, not MSUs.

By the way, why is it that no one remembers MSU-sponsored speakers such as El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan? In one Saalakhan's outdoor talks at UCI last Spring (Spring 2006) he strongly affirmed that he stands against all acts of violence targeted against non-combatant civilians, Israelis or Palestinians. There have been several other MSU speakers who have emphasized the same point. But MSU critics like to pick and chose.

On a side note, supporting the people's right to democratically elect members in no way implies full support of that party.

2. "Blood-stained Israeli flags":
The blood stains on the flag are meant to symbolize the blood of the thousands of Palestinians who were killed by Zionist forces and the IDF since 1947. The creation of the apartheid state of Israel depended on the expulsion and oppression of the native people of the land of Palestine.

Also, how does staining the Israeli flag compare to staining the Quran? The last time I checked, the Israeli flag (or any other flag for that matter) is not considered an object of sacred religious status.

3. Your last comment: check a pre-1948 map. Come on, even Israeli politicians gave up on this argument. Talk about a big joke.

Anonymous said...


With tears of blood the "Peacekeepers" cry "look what the JEW-NAZI-ZIONIST-PIGS are doing." They are terrorists"

But wait...let's first ask the question

which country is an apartheid state?

Most Muslim countries have less than 100 Jews

Israel, has over ONE MILLION Muslims who live as full Israeli citizens…

who is an extremist?

An Islamist is determined to obliterate all those who do not submit to their way of life.

A Zionist supports a homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel...

who is a terrorist ?

As we all know…

ISLAMOFASCISTS commit terrorist acts all around the world and We Are All fighting against those who abuse the name of Allah to justify their crimes...


TERRORIST ACTS committed in the name of ALLAH

U.S Embassy take-over in Iran – 1979

Kidnappings of 10 Americans in Lebanon 1982 – 91

Suicide truck bombing of US embassy, Beirut Lebanon – 1983

Suicide truck bombing of US Marine barracks, Beirut Lebanon

Bombing of U.S. Embassy Annex in Kuwait – 1983

Suicide bombing attack of US Embassy Compound, Beirut Lebanon – 1984

Hijacking of Kuwait Airways Flight 221 – 1984

Restaurant bombing, Madrid Spain – 1985

Hijacking of TWA 847, Algiers, Beirut – 1985

Rhein-Main air base bombing, Frankfurt Germany – 1985

Hijacking of cruise liner Achille Lauro, Port Said Egypt – 1985

Hijacking of Egyptair 648, Malta – 1985

Grenade and gun massacres Rome and Vienna airport– 1985

The bombing of TWA flight 840 – 1986

La Belle Disco bombing, West Berlin – 1986

Pan Am Flight a03 bombing, Lockerbie Scotland – 1988

Gun attack on Cia employees, Langley VA – 1993

World Trade Center parking garage bombing, NYC – 1993

Jewish Cultural Center bombing, Buenos Aires Argentina – 1994

Bombing of US Military Complex, Riyadh Saudi Arabia – 1995

Khobar Towers bombing, Dhahran Saudi Arabia – 1996

US Embassy bombings, Nairobi Kenya and Dar es Salaam Tanzania – 1998

USS Cole bombing Aden Yemen – 2000

- Destruction of World Trade Center, NYC and Pentagon attack, Washington D.C. – 2001

Ferry bombing, Philippines – 2004

Australian Embassy Bombing, Jakarta Indonesia – 2004

Train bombing, Madrid Spain – 2004

Bombing attacks in the tube and in the streets, London England – 2005

PEACEKEEPERS, Where are your tears of blood, for the true victims of terrorism?


Anonymous said...

Can you believe this garbage. It looks like anti-Western Saudi Arabian/ Iranian rallies being held in CALIFORNIA.

It looks as if the Taliban has come to California. We don't have to look in the Middle East, they are right here in the USA.

It looks as though many Muslims in UCI support Islamic Terrorism as well as genocide and murder of an entire race of people.