Tuesday, June 12, 2007


"If you're not ready to die for it, take the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary." - Malcolm X


Reut Cohen said...


I remember hearing about this in the news while I was in Israel. The Israeli soldier turned around and left because he wasn't about to kill a child.

I bet if the soldier would have shot at the child (who was throwing stones at people), the heading would have been "IDF kills Palestinian kid." Instead the person who posted the video on YouTube states that the soldier is a "coward."

I think the soldier was very brave to turn away and avoid hurting a child.

Anonymous said...


"the heading would have been 'IDF kills Palestinian kid.'" :

Absolutely. And you would be justifying the murder of a child at the hands of a soldier, all for throwing stones.

Anonymous said...

Reut, are YOU ready to die for Israel? I'm just curious. Please give me a straight answer, not any rhetorical "beat-around-the-bush" stuff. I'm saying, would you sacrifice your life to maintain the state of Israel?

sadlyput said...

reut is an interseting character. A character of conspiracy and bubbled imagination.

In a normal world, not the one she lived in, the soldier would be tried for crimes against humanity, but unfortunatly Israel is not a normal place. Its a place that is very much surreal and exsisting in a bubble of its own. So it is not surprising that Reut is who she is.

Reut Cohen said...

Hi. I think you've made your positions extremely clear.

I do not want any child to die, Jewish or Muslim. I think children dying is a terrible thing which is why I am so fed up with Palestinian militants dragging their kids along when they go confront the IDF or when they place stones in their childrens' hands.

I feel that the comments here express that you guys have an insane amount of hatred in your hearts. You do not even realize how much lies and propaganda you've been fed. I really do pray for peace and hope that one day Palestinians and Arabs will realize that they are being repressed by sick governments.


At the above link you'll find a documentary separated into two parts regarding the manipulation and propagandization in Palestinian and Arab media. Perhaps you will find it interesting and it will allow you to think objectively.

As for one of the questions )"will you die for Israel?"), I'm not sure I understand the intent of the question. Since it could very well be a threat, I am going to refrain from answering it.

Have a nice day.

thum said...

Reut is absolutely right guys, cmon cut her(him?) some slack! The IDF don't like to hurt children, you guys think he wanted to shoot that kid?! They only go for the Militant Palestinian men, not the children or the women. I mean who cares if pictures like this: http://www.palestinefr.net/humanshield.jpg surface every now and then, they...they are freedom fighters! they are defending the (il)legal state of Israel!

Anonymous said...


Guess what? Hamas, the MSU's favorite terrorist group, uses children as shields.

But who cares that pictures like these ARE CONSTANTLY popping up and that children are actually sent to terrorist training camps, right guys?

Anonymous said...

whys an armed soldier chasing an unarmed kid?

that kid is my hero..

Anonymous said...

Yeah that guy does not want to hurt that kid, that is why he is chasing him. If he really was brave he wouldn't be chasing a lil kid.

Timothy said...

I dont think the purpose of the video was to portray any feelings toward the soldier, but to demonstrate the resistance the kid possesses...the kid actually has the balls to turn around and throw a rock at an armed grown man! Thats wat BRAVERY is referring to.

Belal Abdelfattah said...

That is one brave kid. I think its interesting how reut captioned (who was throwing stones at people)as if to justify this video. I remember hearing about something like this when I was in Palestine, except the soldier did shoot the child, although someone will debate that. But I'm not gonna sit here and argue the point, don't tell me children aren't targeted, my family hosted a Palestinian boy who had been shot in his legs to the extent he couldn't walk. He came here for surgery to try to help him walk again. You know why he was shot? because he was running around with his friends on a roof. Please don't say those were stray bullets, the Israeli soldier who shot him knew EXACTLY what he was doing

Anonymous said...

The soldier who turned away is a Durzi-- they are Muslims who live up near the Galilee in Israel. The soldier was given a prize in his community for turning away from the child.

Palestinians are now butchering each other-- they do this very frequently either. So where is your moral outrage? Arabs killing Arabs is okay with you ya'll right?

Hajji said...

Just for clarifications, Druze are not Muslim.
Also, you cannot be good Muslim and serve in an army that oppresses other people.