Sunday, September 9, 2007

Accidents Happen: "Israelis" Kill 892 Palestinian Kids

" . . . on the BBC the Israeli military stated that the killing of Yehya, Mahmoud and Sarah was an accident: 'at the very last second, it was apparent that they were children, but it was impossible to stop the explosion.' There was no mention of holding accountable the soldiers who killed them or at the very least any offer of support to the families and the community. They cannot leave their area, or their land, as they have nowhere else to go. Where's the justice for 12-year-old Yehya and his childhood, or 10-year-old Mahmoud who wanted nothing more than to have the same things as his friend, or 10-year-old Sarah who never got to wear her new school clothes?"

Since September 28, 2000, there have been 892 such accidents.

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Anonymous said...

You obviously have nothing new to say because you keep posting the same thing.

The facts don't change though:

THIS is why Paleo kids die. AND THIS. AND THIS. The cult of death whining about their own self-inflicted wounds is pretty sick.

HRW: IDF Attack Was Legitimate

In a surprising move, the often anti-Israel Human Rights Watch issued a statement in support of Israel’s right to self-defense over the weekend. Rocket launchers in Gaza are “legitimate military objectives,” said HRW’s Middle East Director, Joe Stork. Local “armed groups” are at fault for endangering civilians when they place launchers in civilian neighborhoods, he said.


And in fact, just yesterday, the cult of death sent another of its children out to die for Allah.