Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Ramadan - "israeli" style.

IDF guns down 16yr old, lets him bleed to death

Palestinian sources reported that the youth, Mohammed Jabbarin, was not armed and was shot after he hurled rocks at Israeli troops. The IDF had been carrying out a routine operation in the West Bank town when the clash erupted.

* * *

According to hospital officials in the city, three bullets were found in Muhammad Jabrin's body.

* * *

Both eyewitnesses and medical sources reported that the Israeli army prevented ambulances from entering the area and dispensing first aid to the gravely injured teenager. The boy subsequently bled to death.

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Happy naqba said...


"Palestinian" sources? LOL! We love those. They also claimed that more than 500 civilians were murdered by the IDF in Jenin in April 2002.

The bottom line is that you jihadis will stop your murderous ways or you will die.

Israel won't allow it.