Sunday, September 30, 2007

Palestinian Child Prisoners

It is illegal under international law to hold child prisoners.

This from "the only democracy in the middle east"


Anonymous said...

In the civilized world, people dn't do things like these:

IDF arrests Palestinian boy carrying explosives

IDF Saves Arab ‘Decoy’ Child

This one is typical:

Two 15-year-old Palestinian cousins and their 16-year-old friend had a dream, their families said -- to die for the Palestinian cause. On Thursday, the boys were buried in the Gaza Strip, hours after being shot dead by Israeli troops as they made what apparently was an inept attempt to infiltrate a Jewish settlement.

..."Thank G-d, he got what he always wanted -- martyrdom," Atteyeh Dawais, the father of Mohammed Dawais, one of the slain youths, told reporters in Gaza's Jabaliya refugee camp. About 1,500 chanting Palestinians joined a funeral march through the camp's narrow streets.

Arabs must really hate their children to use them so cynically.

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