Thursday, September 20, 2007

Teen Crushed by "Israeli" Bulldozer in Gaza

the brutal ways of the IDF..

A 16-year-old Palestinian boy was killed on Thursday after being run over by an Israeli army bulldozer during a military incursion in the Gaza Strip, medics and witnesses said.

Mahmud Kayed was run over by the bulldozer when it lurched towards a group of youths throwing rocks at the vehicle during the army incursion in the Al-Bureij refugee camp, they said.

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arabs must really hate their children said...

16 year olds carrying weapons are legitimate targets. If you don't like your children getting killed, then don't encourage them to be terrorists.

Anonymous said...

"a group of youths throwing rocks"

Anonymous said...

Not rocks:

A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested this week in the northern Gaza Strip after he attempted to carry out an attack against soldiers operating in the area.

According to information released on Thursday by the IDF, the youth approached the soldiers of a Golani unit carrying two explosive devices.

The soldiers overpowered the Palestinian boy, who was arrested and remanded for interrogation.

"The thwarting of this attack illustrates how teenagers in the Gaza Strip are involved in terror activities and are sent by terror groups to carry out operations, including ones from which they may not return alive," an IDF officer told Ynet. "The recruitment to terror groups does not start at age 18."

The officer added that the death of three Palestinian children on Wednesday by an IDF shell fired at rocket launchers in the northern Gaza Strip was not coincidental, accusing terror groups of making a cynical use of Palestinian children to carry out attacks against Israel.,7340,L-3443790,00.html