Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hamas Speaks

By Mousa Abu Marzook

From Damascus -- While Americans may believe that the current violence in Gaza began Dec. 27, in fact Palestinians have been dying from bombardments for many weeks. On Nov. 4, when the Israeli-Palestinian truce was still in effect but global attention was turned to the U.S. elections, Israel launched a "preemptive" airstrike on Gaza, alleging intelligence about an imminent operation to capture Israeli soldiers; more assaults took place throughout the month.

The truce thus shattered, any incentive by Palestinian leaders to enforce the moratorium on rocket fire was gone. Any extension of the agreement or improvement of its implementation at that point would have required Israel to engage Hamas, to agree to additional trust-building measures and negotiation with our movement -- a political impossibility for Israel, with its own elections only weeks away.

Not that the truce had been easy on Palestinians. In the six-month period preceding this week's bombardment, one Israeli was killed, while dozens of Palestinians lost their lives to Israeli military and police actions, and numerous others died for want of medical care.

The war on Gaza should not be mistaken for an Israeli triumph. Rather, Israel's failure to make the truce work, and its inevitable resort to bloodshed, demonstrate again that it cannot permit a future built on Palestinian political self-determination. The truce failed because Israel will not open Gaza's borders, because Israel would rather be a jailer than a neighbor, and because its intransigent leadership forestalls Palestinian destiny and will not make peace with history.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

99,9 porcento do que esta escrito aqui e puro lixo. O povo Israelense tem o direito a uma vida normal, sem bombardeio diario, sem um vizinho que simplesmente quer destrui-la. Israel tem o direito a se defender de seus inimigos. Qualquer governo que quer (como o Egito, Jordania, UAE), pode ter boas relacoes com Israel. Hamas nao quer - e isso o resultado.

yanis said...

WELL DONE, i feel sory for not beeng able to lauth in your stupid face i live in israel i know that thouse "schools" were jost a comuflage for a weapon bank ) well hope you dont really belive in your oun lies , and the day that you stop bombing israel it will be more than glad to never toch you leches again.
and to all your blodsuckin lie telling 2 face terror supporting "brothers" the day you will be independed big children you will have the write to give and demand enything ...but for now thank god their is israel and you have from whom to suck blood .... shame on you!