Sunday, January 11, 2009

Red Cross Prevented from Reaching Victims

Notice how Mark Regev, the Israeli spokesman, insisted on talking about Hamas rather than addressing the question. Alex Thomson, the reporter, notices this and keeps him on topic.

Well done.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Israel's shamefull Gazan war crimes and its 'Crimes against 'God!'

Israel has never been closer to hell than it is today in Gaza.

While Jews believe that 'Hell' is a place for the 'goyim' only and that no matter how rotton a Jew is he/she is 'guaranteed' a place in heaven.

Today, after several days of seeing tiny little bodies, some without heads, arms or legs and others just a plastic bag full of splintered bones and bloody organs - I say with great conviction, 'Israel go to hell!'

Indeed, as criminals of war and of the commands of Jehoavh in your Torah you have lost the respect of the world, earned through your experiences of the 'Shoah' and you have, like George W. Bush, who threw away the world's support after 9-11 and has ended up a war criminal and unworthy of anyones respect, and like the Great Satans Jewish hemmoroid that Israel is, I say today that the US/Israel 'genocide twins' make Putin and Ahmadinejad appear to be 'angels.'

Tombstone, AZ.