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Anonymous said...

Thank you. good blog but i didn't see the word of palestine in it
Gaza strip is a part of Plestine
pleas clear that in your blog

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Julia said...

Oh man, I saw a picture of the son of the JDL bitch who is after me at a pro-Israel rally holding a sign which read "TURN GAZA INTO A PARKING LOT". Isn't that sickening? Shows you how they think.

Destroyer of the Left said...

shut up and grow a pair. the holocaust happened to the jews multiple times over the generations. a holocaust happens to people who are innocent, not murdering fiends and baby incubators that pop children like a factor and then are supported by the Israeli government. They attack Israel and then ask to have their houses, food and medical taken for of by Israel. Even to the rest of the arabs in the world, they think the Palestinians are wretched human beings...which they no doubt are. Live with them, let your daughters and children go out with them. Let them rape your friends and murder your family, see how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Plese people. stop showing the radical Israelis. I for one Like the arabs and i am Israeli. The media show only the side of the palestinians an show how "storg" we are over them. Why don't they show how cities like Sderot and Ashdod go do to their bomb shelters every day? only because he are more developed then they, we are the bad ones? try living 8 years under bombing. every single day! so stop war and bring peace!

Anonymous said...

This photo is a vast misrepresentation of the general sentiment not only of Israelis, but of people around the world. By displaying radical Israeli protesters, not only is peace not accomplished, but this blog is attempting to fuel the hate that creates such a vicious cycle. I implore any viewer of this image to recognize that any side has its exceptional opinions and that there is under no circumstance an overall anti-palestinian sentiment, but rather, a hope for mutual agreement and peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at your anger, arrogance and prejudice. Israel has no right to exist - it forfeits the right when it regards the life of a non-jew unequal to that of a jew. As for the 'i like arabs' post - yes, there are so many nice Israeli's who are serving in the IDF and doing wonders with their rifles around little children. Nobody can learn from the holocaust when the survivors clearly haven't. Go rub some dead sea salts on your hideous faces, or better still, go fuck a pig.

Anonymous said...

Actually Israel does have a right to exist.

1) The land was taken from the Jews by the Romans after the 3rd revolt failed.

2) It became known as Syria Palaestina.

3) It became Palestine under the Ottoman Empire.

4) New / Modern Israel was brought about by vote in the UN and the land was bought from the Arabs. Go look up the United Jewish Fund. The little blue boxes that Jews put money into to help buy the land.

5) the Mufti of Jerusalem as well as many of the Imams and Clerics told the Palestinians to "leave their homes" for when they had "killed the Jews and pushed them into the sea" they would re-claim the land.

6) 5 Wars later the Jews are still there.

7) Israel, when it had been voted in, gave the Arabs living in the re-claimed and bought land FULL CITIZENSHIP - and the ones who stayed can VOTE, WORK, DRIVE and raise a family in Israel - so how is it an Apartheid State?

This web blog is simply here to fuel both Anti-Semitism AND Anti-Zionism.

I'm surprised it doesn't cover BS like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which a lot of Arabs believe in.

But then it also doesn't show all the Anti-Semitic cartoons the Arabs produce in their Newspapers every day.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the British Mandate Government, they promised the land to the Arabs, then promised it to the Jews after the Holocaust was fully understood.

As for Israelis being "Nazis" etc, what do you expect them to do? They have every right to defend themselves and say "never again" to slavery and the wholesale slaughter of the children of Israel.

The Arabs can't even get along with eachother - which is why Egypt and Saudi Arabia have built Security Walls to keep the Palestinians out.

Go learn some history and facts you pathetic Jew and Israel haters

Anonymous said...

"They Have Eyes And They Will Not See, They Have Ears And They Will Not Hear"

Anonymous said...

i'm so surprised at how blinded some of you are.

just because of several holocausts that Jews suffered through generations, do they have the right to snatch the land and kill anybody (apparently) in the area?

and yeah, Israelis live in the threat of terrorist attacks that are apparently illegal, and that are globally criticized. I do realise that. but...... how do Palestinians live? They live everyday with a massacre threat that can happen at anytime if Israelis would like. Also, everything israelis do is justified by the media.

I don't hate Jew, I don't hate Israelis, It's just that i think what extreme zionists are doing to Palestinians and also to the civilians of several countries around Israel is seriously disgusting.

Anonymous said...

the israel people are no doubt a race that is very stubborn, evil and cruel. They would killed anybody to sustain themself. Wail till the judgement day...curse israel

Anonymous said...

i'm truly surprised they still exists (israeli). A tiny country CAN humiliate a whole continent? Just DO something!

Anonymous said...

Israeli's acts of genocide and their whole justification (annihilating anyone that threatens their existence) are both nonsense. Why is the plight of the Jews only subject of debate, discussion? Why the genocide and brutal killings and oppression of other ethnicities, races in Africa, Europe and even in our own country not getting the coverage they deserve? Do you see the Serbs, or Armenians or Tibetans occupying other people's lands and killing their indigenous people for having been wronged? There are museums, monuments, memorials and buildings erected in remembrance of the Jewish holocaust. Why the preferential treatment? Well, I tell you why! Because the Jewish people truly believe that they are the chosen ones! That they are superior. And they feed off of their economic clout and stronghold of key industries. The reality is that if you liberate the Palestinians from the repression of Israel, and give them the same opportunities for education and advancement, they will achieve the same heights, if not higher, without thinking that they are the chosen people. They have already demonstrated that. Just look at their resilience despite their political, economic and heart wrenching living conditions.

Anonymous said...

Israel exists, because every senator and cabinet member has a dual citizenship -- US and Israel.
Israel exists, because US needs a huge Military base in that region.
Israel exists, because Republic Bank of NY, Good Year, BofA, Blackstone and many, many other financial institutions donate money to that government.
I coud go on and on...

Anonymous said...

Israel exist because God made a covenant with them and promised them that He would gather them together in that land before His coming. Explain it any way you feel, but God had a plan for His people from the beginning and history shows that and that through history Gods enemies have been trying to disprove, divide, and destroy that promise.

Anonymous said...

Israel exists and will always exist and all the stupid lies and idiotic banter won't change that god loves them!! People tried to stop the Jews science the beginning of time look where they all are today, Rome Greece Spain Germany Poland....... fight and history says you'll join the rest. Keep I'm mind more patents have come from 60 years of Israel than China Russia and India combined!!!! Eat that!!!