Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans'

"Israel" is deliberately targeting civilians. No lies can change this.

From the BBC:

"The Israeli army was saying: 'This is the Israeli Defence Forces, we are asking all the people to leave their homes and go to the school. Ladies first, then men.'

"We decided to send the women first, two by two," he said.

"The army was about 15 metres (50 feet) away from the house or less. They shot her in the head," he said.

Another family:

"They told us you all have to go to the centre of the town, where the school is.

"We put the women first, and we put our children on our shoulders, with white bandanas on their heads.

"When we were walking, with the women first, they saw soldiers and they started to shout to them, to tell them 'we have children, we have children'. They started to shoot us. My aunt was killed with a bullet in her head."

"We have tried to leave the house during the three-hour humanitarian ceasefire, but we got shot at," he said.

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Samurai[SP] said...

SAV?E PLAESTIN & AL_AQSA,allahhuakbar

or said...

if you were live in sderot you probably wouldn't
think like that...
you know its so easy to look just on one side of the
confrontation and say "ha it isn't right"..
what would you think if a hamas missile
will strike at your home and kill your mother?
now think this is the situation for 8 years
and 3 years after israel left gaza for peace.
nothing is never enough, no meter what you'll do they will not want us here...
its not just about gaza or the west bank
its about all israel(or Palestine your words)
when they had a their big(bigger than israel)
palestine in 48 it wasn't enough for them so it will never be enough.

habil ahmad said...

Isreali troops targeting civilian is motivated by one of the rabi InIsrael who said that Palestinians are enemy for Israel, even the sleeping baby.... so it is allowed to kill even the sleeping baby as their faith says....

Oh yaa..
please visit my blog and give your comment..

or said...

let me tell you something...
this rabi you talking about is an radical right wing
controversial man that confiscated by the israeli politicians and civilians.
his idea of " all moslems and Palestinians are the enemy of israel"
is NOT supported by the government NOR the israeli people
his believers are small radical group in israel, you can compare it to the Taliban if you want...
I can Surly tell you that the reasons for the gaze war is not because of this rabi.
if you wan to say " all israel people want to kill Palestinians just for fun because they hate them and therefore its allowed"
I want to tell you you are absolutely WRONG!
its like i'll say "all Muslims are terrorist and they all want war" is it true? NO!. and its NOT true that israel want to kill innocent Palestinian man woman and babys.
and another thing you might want to know
israeli soldiers that has killed civilians with out reason being judged and been punished for they acts.
I warmly recommend you to check your sources of information, because a lot of your stuff is not the reality .

or said...

by the way, Israel has 20% religious people and 80% non-religious
just for your knowledge...

Sarah said...

palestine kills a handful of israelis and they counter with over a thousand deaths... mostly civilian? women and babies are dying because of the israeli military. people forced out of their homes were waving white flags when they were shot down!

I don't care what hamas has done, there is no excuse for that. it's exactly this kind of finger-pointing nonstop "he hit me first!" that creates never ending wars. someone has to end it.

or said...

you can't sit and shut up after 8 years of missile lunching from gaza...
the Palestines has choose the hamas in the election!
what they thought when they did it?
if that was their decision, they should have been known that there will be consequences.

Anonymous said...

The reality is complex, yet simple in legal terms. Gazans were forced to choose leadership in 2006, they chose the party that best represented action against the very powerful, and well funded occupying state of israel. They choose hamas. When a people awakes to a daily reality of food shortages, no water access, horrible healthcare, and no economically viable ways to improve their situation, while civilians in serdot and south israel (no more than a couple miles away) enjoy all the amnetities of a western society, OF COURSE YOU WILL BREED HATRED. Are you retarded. Their cause is the cause of putting food on the table, of not being baraged with white phosphorous, and of not having their children shot at for throwing rocks at american made tanks.
Do you think that some how, by killing the mothers and children and innocent men, that you will stop the rockets? Are you insane, this only strenghtens their resolve...

Read about the facts sweetheart, because you clearly have them wrong. Stop getting your news off of the IDF website and read what is and has been hapening to a people that once lived peacefully among our jewish brothers.

shbt shalom


Anonymous said...

palestinian atrocities are in the service of what the world regards as a legitimate purpose, to end the occupation. israeli ones are for a illegitimate purpose, its perpetuation.

Epididymus said...

So by your logic, if someone shoots bullets into your yard from the other side of the fence, you'll just sit there and take it. You won't shoot back, you won't call for help. You'll just let your neighbor keep shooting at you, your family. That's what you want Isreal to do? Would Palestinians put up with that?

Anonymous said...

free gaza now!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"They Have Eyes And They Will Not See, They Have Ears And They Will Not Hear"

Anonymous said...

I love it when the press interview Muslims and just take their words as facts. I guess when there is no news, someone need to make up something.

Anonymous said...

Israel is the anti-Christ of the Middle East. To the Jews that are defending the actions of the IDF and their dreadful treatment of the Palestinian people, I have only this to say;
When the Nazis were doing the EXACT same thing to the Kikes, they were dragged into the International criminal court for all the world to see. And they were condemned for their actions by many of the SAME people that cried and wailed hysterically when the Nazis wre paraded through the courtroom. And yet they can just look the other way when their own people are killing Palestinians for nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time in history. At least Hitler had a reason for hating the Jews. He knew that wealthy American Jews had brought America into WW1 in exchange for a promise to create the illegal state of Israel. That of course was the Balfour Declaration and Hitler had a score to settle with the Jews for costing Germany victory in WW1.Not saying that he didn't overreach and overreact when he tried to kill them all, but he was pissed off for good reason. Thousands of Germans died when America became involved in WW1. See, the Jews were pulling America into illegal wars a 100 years ago! Then WW1, now Iraq. Different century, same result..Americans dying needlessly to satisfy the Jew. Who needs enemies when you have friends like Israel?,,I don't understand how Americans can be so gullible and let a tiny country on the other side of the world dominate and control them. It's like a toy poodle dominating a Pit Bull..makes no sense. It is a great illustration of how powerful money is though. And the Jews have the money. Of course I'll be branded an evil anti semite for my comments here, but I really don't give a shit. The sovereignty of my country is at fuck Israel and fuck the Zionists!

Anonymous said...

i cant read those lies if some one realy belive that is a stupid man i dont find any word to that article lies!!!!!dont belive them its hamas lies pls dont be stupid i haerd cases that hamas come in to hospitles and shutdown the power of the machine in the hospitels of wounded man that will be more dead in the report just look hao evil ppl are they (hamas)

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