Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Israeli" Lies Exposed

The Israeli military says it bombed a lorry which Hamas fighters were loading with rockets on Monday.

But an Israeli human rights group says civilians were killed as they tried to protect their goods.

Al Jazeera's Hoda Abdel-Hamid talks to a Palestinian who says the vehicle was his and that it was being loaded with gas canisters by his family.


Aamir said...

nobody needs to tell brother about israeli actions. and country like US will never stop supporting it even if israel kills all palestanian muslims. the destruction of israel is only thing that can be done to stop killing of innocent palestanians

Anonymous said...

If all the MUSLIM want to stop Israel killing our Brothers... We have to start bomb their premises around the world... we cannot boycott their product because it's to slow to effect. We must bomb and kill their people and their allies. So no more demostration and start war with them..

Anonymous said...

We must do something to stop SATANIC Conspiracy of the Israel and the WEST (USA, UK, etc..) WE MUSLIMS MUST BE UNITED AGAINST THEM because the Western motto FOR THE Muslims is: "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" and WAKE UP my Muslims brothers. Selam u alejkum from the Balkans.

Destroyer of the Left said...

LOL, you use Left media sources? wow, you're intelligent. You ask biased sources who are willing to destroy Israel because we Israeli's try to protect our own people. Of course Al Jazeera doesn't tell how muslims barricade innocent civilians in with them where they mortar or trying to fortify. You people make me sick, you would rather kill Israel and appease the fucking pathetic are you?